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  1. Hey. I'm not an expensive bag maker BUT to address the loose and baggy concerns try out some fusible fabrics. Fuse it to the lining you want and it'll give it a better feel.
  2. Took the machine to Consew. They're only 10mins away. They adjusted the timing. They asked me what thread size I wanted to use. I decided on v92. Works great zero issues. I just wish I would have asked if the thread size determines the timing. I always thought it was based on tension. Because now that the timing is perfect I'd like to try v69.
  3. Thanks. It was oriented in the right direction. But now I now i double check it every time. I've downloaded that pdf multiple times a day Took your advice and seems to have helped! I'm new to industrial machines in general. I've managed to get the machine going. The Titiming was fine. The tension had to be adjusted for thread sizes. I'm still going to take it to a mechanic just to make sure its fine.
  4. I recently purchased a used consew 277 r3. I 'tested' it with the thread that was already in it. Sewed fine. When it finished I swapped in some 138 thread with a #22 needle. The bobbin thread will not come up. The person that sold it to me connected me with the OG owner. They stopped by and said that my thread was too thick and that is why the bobbin thread wasnt coming up. Apparently I need to use size 40 thread or 69. I was a bit confused considering the info I found on this site indicates that it manage 138 well enough (although it will go through bobbins fairly quickly). I was further confused because they made it seem like that the timing needs to be set to the thickness of the thread. I know the tension needs to be adjusted but the timing as well? Is that a thing? I'm guessing its just out of timing and needs to be adjusted although from the looks of it it's fine. But this is not something I'm familiar with. Consew is only 15mins from me so I'll probably take it there unless someone on here has a shop close to me.
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