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  1. Sometimes, I get caught in a rabbit hole, this was definitely a fun one. This forum was a godsend in researching this. I just started sewing leather My machine came with a brushed servo; too fast even on slowest speeds/hard to control Bought a brush-less servo from eBay; too fast and too touchy for me, and I wanted a needle position sensor The motor's lowest setting was 500RPM ( a friend's Consew [I think] brush-less servo can be set as low as 100RPM) The motor has a hall-effect potentiometer, not optical gradient, and it felt...uncalibrated? Then I found this thread. Uwe, thank you so much for sharing this with us. I've always wanted to learn how to work with an Arduino and big steppers and your guide was PERFECT for following along. My thoughts: The foot pedal control is extraordinary and really needs to be experienced to truly appreciate. The speed control is very precise and the acceleration feels perfectly linear: I know what to expect from each minor foot movement The button/knob rotary encoder - to be determined I fried mine after trying to permanently solder the wires on after testing, so that (critical) part is on its way. I think the knob may also need a software de-bounce added. More to come The downsides Noise, as Uwe said, the noise was quite substantial, but I would also like to add some sound-deadening between the table and motor mount. I would also like to look at the code which does the foot pedal calculations. I think some of the motor noise may be half-steps+resistence on the needle Vibrations Do I need to be worried about vibrations damaging the machine? Thickness interested to hear Uwe's experience was with running multiple layers through. I need to investigate further to see what was occurring when going through 3 layers of 3oz chrome tan. At this point in the testing, I just walked away as I didn't want to damage my machine. Overall, I reallllly want to make this work, but I want a working machine more. pics https://ibb.co/p3tX7sP
  2. I know I'm new but please add me. Kinky guy just starting my leather sewing journey
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