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  1. Here's an example of what I ended up going with. Measure in at about 1.75" wide and a hair under 1" tall
  2. Thanks everyone! Sorry its been so long since I've been back on.....a lot of moving parts in my life right now. Hopefully I will be posting some more of my stuff soon. Since I started this "hobby" back in October I find that I have had more and more people ask for things to be made and it just keeps building. Hard to stay caught up! To the other Ohio members, I'd love to meet up one day and just talk leather.....I've only met one other here in the Columbus area, another member of my Masonic lodge, who is into leather working as a hobby as well. It's fun just to talk ideas and techniques!
  3. Some of the stuff I’ve done so far…..some of them are rough I know…but this is all practice work
  4. Hi everyone. I posted a brief introduction in the beginner questions forum but I thought I'd better post a formal introduction over here. My name is Jack. I just recently in the last few months started going down the slippery slope of leatherwork. I have made about 15 wallets not in varying forms. All from my own measurements and templates I have come up with. So far I have only bought scrap leather off eBay as well as a starter tool set with some additions here and their from our local Tandy store and Harbor Freight. I have also made a book cover for my Masonic ritual and degrees book as well as done some modification/repairs for a few friends so far. My journey started with EDC wallets and grew as I was always finding things I wanted to try and modify for my own use. I started thinking maybe some of my modifications are things others might want as well. Just trying to find my way right now as I improve my stitching and finishing work. I have a small cheap vise I bought a few years back to help with pinewood derby cars that I have re-puposed into a stitching pony. Glad to be a part of this site and looking forward to growing more. Once I get the time to resize some of my pics, I will post them. So far I'm using Instagram as my base for pictures.
  5. Hi everyone, my name is Jack. I just recently started doing leatherwork, mostly wallets and other smaller leather items such as a book cover for my masonic ritual/degrees book and a modification to a friends leather strap bracelet. My interests came from my EDC collection. I have always loved leather products and wallets and some of the things I've always wanted to incorporate into items made me start searching on how to do them myself. Hours of videos on YouTube and other channels have really started to fuel this (as I am sure is the story for a lot of the folks here). I will post some pictures of some of my stuff soon in the gallery. Not top quality (yet) but better than I thought some would turn out and with the encouragement of friends and family, I already have some more projects lined up. As for a newbie question, I am curious how big of a logo you all use on products. I can kind of gauge size based on other products I have or have seen online. The logo I have come up with is going to end up being 1.5" squared. Is this too big for a wallet such as a card sleeve? Should I try to make this smaller? I obviously want it big enough that you can see it but not so big its deters someone from purchasing the item. Curious what you all think on this question before I drop some money on a stamp. Thank you, and I look forward to learning more from all of you!
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