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  1. It's pre-dyed. I really like the Buttero by Conceria Walpier which is an Italian leather company located near Florence. Kind of a medium/firm hand with a waxy finish. https://www.rmleathersupply.com/products/buttero-veg-tanned-leather-3oz-1-2mm-made-in-italy?variant=32320688226413
  2. I think I used 5oz with a die and a mallet. I don't have a press yet lol.
  3. Some cute little cactus earrings I made for my shop. I die cut them and then tooled them a bit to be more 3D.
  4. I just got my account set up and am sharing some older projects I still have lying around. I free handed a hat patch with the Alamo on it a couple years ago using one of the cheapy Tandy starter tool packs.
  5. A belt I did for a commission with English Bridle leather and Tandy hardware.


  6. Small 4-card folding wallets in Italian Buttero leather from Saperia Walpier on my Insta/Etsy


  7. (After) Antique BSA Yucca pack with new straps. I also retouched the logo stamp with stamp ink and a small hand brush, and I sprayed/soaked the canvas in a peroxide mixture to get rid of mildew. I replaced the straps with nice Buttero leather from Saperia Walpier in higher weight with roller buckles.


  8. (Before) An old canvas Boy Scouts #574 Yucca I picked up and tried to clean up. The leather was trashed, the fixtures were rusted out, and the logo on the front was faded. Very dark from moisture damage.


  9. Hello! This is a new 1st account, and I'm just looking to sharpen my craft and get ideas. Here's a gusseted sheath I did for a Japanese chef's knife my wife got me for my birthday recently.


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