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  1. Thanks! The original pic was taken in the corner of my smallish workshop. With an phone. In a poor lighting. Serious turd polishing
  2. Reclaimed "el cheapo" -chair, covered with 7-8oz leather. Airbrushed Tan spirit dye (narvfärg/narvsvärta/narviväri), border Fiebing's Chocolate Brown. Finished with Mahogany Antique & Aussie Wax. Had fun on this one, would love to make more of these.
  3. Latest seat completed. Customer asked for a medieval sea chart / sail boat / sea monster-theme, a bit out of my comfort zone, but luckily she gave me some good source material what she's after... Top 7-8 oz leather, sides 3-4 oz, wet molded around the seat pan. 3mm ( 3/32") veg tan lacing, mexican round braid.
  4. I guess you just need to be careful at the pump and ride it only when it doesn't rain Joking aside, to me that kind of tank is a showpiece, and I'm doing it as a demonstration of endless possibilities on leather. Speaking of fuel, I have some friends with top class show bikes , and they are always, always extra careful with their special paint jobs as well. In Finland, when it rains for 40 days and 40 nights we just call it summer, so it could be more practical piece in sunny climates...
  5. I'm planning to wrap an old gas tank in tooled leather, and looking for some help. In the following pic there's a seam running round the tank. The question is: Is the stitching only for decoration, or are those pieces stitched together somehow? Or only wet formed and then glued? Similar seam visible in both pics. It makes sense to make the tank in more than one piece to ease the forming, but how to join the pieces? One might lace the pieces together, but I'd like to keep it smooth and sleek...
  6. Thanks for comments! I'm not totally happy with the strap either, need to study the Stohlman bible (Art of making leather cases 1-3) more closely.. Funny project anyways, first time I've tried wet molding the parts and as a matter of fact, first project that I designed the pattern, assembly and the artwork completely by myself.
  7. 6-7oz vegtan. Wet molded sidepieces. Dyed with spirit dyes & fiebings antique paste in tooled parts. Tandy southwest clasp & double layer handle with round insert. Few layers of Aussie leather conditioner & vigorous buffing.
  8. Thanks for all, smaller needle did the trick. Also, it helped a lot when I received the correct feed dog and presser foot. For some reason, the machine was equipped with fabric foot & dog, and no alternative parts included...
  9. Old Bates seat pan, 8-9oz leather top & bottom. Bottom part riveted in pan & simple lacing to tie the parts together.
  10. Hi Trevor. The thread was sold to me specifically as a machine thread, and they apparently use it for saddlery work & saddle bags etc. that requires stronger thread. It has some kind of a core thread and top layer is siliconized for easier sewing through thick layers of leather.
  11. Hello, Bought it complete with table, motor and speed reducer. 1950€ + VAT. Without shipping. Have tried it on several pieces of leather with different thickness and quality, with same results.. Yeah, I agree that the holes look too big for the thread.. The different standards mean trouble, nobody in here will understand the US sizes. For example, the thickest thread they sell for shoemakers is size 10, which is equivalent to a #277, but they didn't have that in white.. The thread I got is a bit thicker, with mystic code P/B-4556-93... I think it'd be easier to buy the needles & threads with same numbering system from Ebay... Also haven't yet found a dealer selling needles for 441s in Finland. But thanks anyways, I'll try to find a smaller needle and try with that. The quest is on.
  12. Hi, Just received my 441 clone from Sieck, they call it Type 441 K ( http://www.sieck.de/en/machines/new-arrivals/details/5624/ ), and it should be with same specs as Cowboy CB3200. I'm having severe problems to set it up. Attached are two pics showing current results, with and without thread and from both sides. The needle is the one that came with the machine, and it should be Schmetz 794D. Thread is coded as P/B-4556-93 and it should be somewhat same thickness as 277 in US. Any ideas what's going on and how to overcome?
  13. Thanks for your kind words! A couple of extra pics of the case:
  14. Plywood frame, 7-8 oz cover, handstitched miter joints & handle. Bleached with oxalic acid, antique paste on selective areas + spirit dyes. A couple of coats of Aussie wax & LeatherSheen rattle can. Done.
  15. 4-5oz leather & super shene & Fiebings antique. Some new Work-In-Progress pics also in Instagram & Facebook.
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