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  1. All dummies have been sold. Thank you everyone.
  2. As of this moment, the remainder of the dummy guns are pending.
  3. Updated list: Guns DiamondBack380Duncans CustomsPending Glock 21FS HK45 HKP30 HKUSP Compact 9mm KahrPM40 w/CTLGDuncans Customs Kimber 1911 4" railedDuncans Customs Para1911 4" Single StackDuncans CustomsPending RugerSR9 Pending RugerGP100 S&W4006TSW S&W60-3 S&W5906 S&W19 2.5"Duncans Customs S&W908Duncans CustomsPending SigP229 SigP250 SigP220 SigP239 TaurusJudge 3"Duncans CustomsPending Taurus85 Taurus1911 5" railedDuncans Customs Taurus709 SlimDuncans Customs WaltherPPK/S Pending Magazines DiamondBack380Duncans Customs Glock36 Glock34Duncans Customs SigP250CDuncans Customs TaurusPT145Duncans Customs
  4. Hey ladies and gents. I just put a post in the misc. section of the for sale items listing roughly 40 dummy guns. I have gotten a lot of great advise from this group so I thought I would at least give a heads up. We will probably have more items to come later as we are closing up shop. We are going to finish out all orders for our customers and then sell most everything. Thank you, Carl
  5. I have the following dummy guns for sale. The guns are $25 shipped and the mags are $15 shipped. We can combine shipping on multiple items. The guns are Rings Blue Guns unless stated Duncans Customs. All guns have been used in holster making and most have the front sight removed to be able to tape on a dowel rod for the sight channnel. All are still in good shape, unfortunately we have gone out of business. We can accept PayPal or all 4 major credit cards (by phone). Please PM through this site or email at info@ccholsters.com. Please give me a day or so to respond. I work a full time job as well as trying to wrap up the last of our orders. Thank you for looking, Carl. Guns BrowningHigh Power C&L DiamondBack380Duncans Customs FNP9Duncans Customs Glock 19 Glock 21FS Glock 21 HK45 HKP30 HKP7M8 HKUSP Compact 9mm KahrPM9Duncans Customs KahrPM40 w/CTLGDuncans Customs Kimber 1911 4" railedDuncans Customs Para1911 4" Single StackDuncans Customs RugerSR9RugerGP100 RugerLCRDuncans Customs RugerSP101 3"Duncans Customs RugerLCP S&WM&P40C S&W4006TSW S&W60-3S&W5906 S&W19 2.5"Duncans Customs S&W66 6"Duncans Customs S&W908Duncans Customs SigP229 SigP250 SigP220 SigP238Duncans Customs SigP239 Springfield XD 40 Compact TaurusJudge 3"Duncans Customs Taurus85 Taurus1911 5" railedDuncans Customs Taurus709 SlimDuncans Customs TaurusPT145Duncans Customs WaltherPPSDuncans Customs WaltherPPK/S Wilson CombatPro 1911Duncans Customs Magazines DiamondBack380Duncans Customs Glock36 Glock34Duncans Customs SigP250CDuncans Customs TaurusPT145Duncans Customs
  6. Hi all, does anyone have templates or construction details for a cigar case. I would like to make one that is two peice and holds around 3 cigars. I have seen a couple but no details on how to make/fit/form. I have made a few holsters but this style of project is new to me. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. Carl
  7. Sold. Thank you. Shipping today.
  8. Tippmann Boss for sale. Under 2 years old. Used for part time holster making. Still have original box, tool kit and needles, extra bobbins, center foot and roller edge guide. We purchased an Artisan Toro 3200 so do not use the Boss anymore. In good shape (and wife prefers it over the Artisan). $750 plus shipping. My cell is 816-244-1671, please leave a message and I can call you back. Thank you. Carl
  9. I use a round knife for cutting my leather and file folders for patterns. Tight radius cuts are the hardest to make smooth. If the radius is pretty tight, I will use a round punch and then cut away from the curve in each direction. A little sanding will smooth it all out. Carl
  10. Monica, I did the exact same thing. I bought a harbor freight arbor press($40) and had some holes machined by a guy I work with(free). I bought a set of line 24 snap dies from Tandy ($60) so I thought I was home free for about $100. WRONG. Line 24 snap dies will not work with Pull the Dot sockets. I had to buy one more individual die which I got from Dot ($75 for one die). So I am finally in business for a buck 75. Like sharpshooter, I use it to punch holes for t-nuts, set rivets, etc... By the way, you can use the old setter you have been using in the arbor press with out any extra modifications. Just pull the handle instead of swinging the handle.. I could never go back to the old way again and I am sure your volume is much larger than mine. Carl
  11. Monica, Do you still have 1 set left? If so, I will take them off your hands. Thanks, Carl
  12. Does anyone out there have a Taurus Judge 2.5" Dummy that they would be willing to lease to me? I need to make one holster and do not have access to the real thing. Duncan's is out and Ring's does not make the 2.5". I have the pattern already and will only need the mold for a day or 2. Thank you, Carl
  13. I realize that everyone should be entitled to their own opinion. I just do not have the patience anymore to listen to the negative opinions thrown toward leatherworking and holster making. I had a lady ask me to make a holster for a suprise for her husband. As we discussed holster options, I mentioned exotics. As I listed the exotics I worked with, she stopped me when I said elephant. She proceeded to tell me how bad of a person I was by being involved in the killing of such large and noble creatures. Remember the my lack of patience...I politely told her..."we only use the baby elephants, not the big and noble ones." Monica, hold your head high when you tell people you make holsters and belts. Your work is compared to the greatest in the country in many forums. Carl
  14. Here is where I got mine. Brenda was very helpful and turn around time was phenomenal. Laser Gift Creations Carl
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