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  1. Leather wranglers also has a tutorial where they say to put a secondary bevel of 35 degrees on their blades but the main bevel angle is generally a 30 degree on each side of the blade. All depends on how you like to run your blade. Hope this helps have a great day.
  2. This is absolutely AMAZING!!!! You are very talented. I love this embossing and carving work you did!!!
  3. Beautiful sheath great work. I hope to be there someday. Need to expand my skills and get into the construction side of the hobby and not just carving and tooling. Have a great day!
  4. Wow that is very nice I love the color fade and geometric pattern it all came together perfect! Great work!!!! And yes the branding gives it added character for sure, I’ve been strictly carving and tooling so far in my leather craft journey but I’m planning on making some wallets for a couple family members for Xmas and I hope they turn out even half as good as yours.
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