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Cobra Class 4 standard

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Hello I am Uncle George of unclegeorgeswalletholsters.com.  I am retiring in the near future due to health issues and am selling off some equipment I no longer use.  I have a Cobra Class 4 standard that I bought in May of 2013 as a back up machine for my main Cobra Class 4 machine which has never had a hiccup for 12 years.  I used the back up Cobra Class 4 for a few small projects over the years but mostly it sat covered and in storage so has very little use and is in like new condition and sews beautifully.  Has 3 bobbins, buncha needles, some tools and has a roller guide installed on it and the standard LED lamp.  It also has a custom table I made for it for a project I was doing (see photo).  It also has the standard flat accessory table that hasn't ever been used or mounted on the machine.  Comes with manual and bottle of oil.  Price is $2300.  Firm and is not negotiable.  I will not ship.  You'll have to come get it.  It is located in South Austin.  You'll need a helper as it is a very heavy and cumbersome machine.  I am not able to physically help move or load it up.  Cash only, no venmo or cashiers checks.

I also have  a Cobra Class 14 Splitter that I purchased in November of 2018.  Used it for some small projects and has been collecting dust in my shop ever since.  Very sharp blade.  $2400 Firm and non- negotiable and must also be picked up here in Austin.  Will not ship.  No package deals. Cash only, no venmo or cashiers checks.

And I have the Cobra Bell Skiver NP4 that I purchased in January 2020.  Used on one project and has sat idle since.  Comes with the standard accessories and manual.  Too busy making holsters to make other stuff.  Like new condition.  $1400 also Firm and non-negotiable and must be picked up here in Austin.  Will not ship.  No package deals.   Cash only, no venmo or cashiers checks.

Co 1.jpg

Co 12.jpg

sp 2.jpg

be 2.jpg

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As of November 18, 2022,  3:45 CST the Class 4 is still available.  You can contact me via my website on the "Contact Me" page.  unclegeorgeswalletholsters.com 

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