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Quick Release Spring Bars for Watch Straps

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Any recommendations for a source for these guys?

You can find a ton of them on etsy, but i'm not sure about the quality of those.


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I'd try reputable watch dealers to see what they might offer.  They generally sell replacement bars and the QR bars are becoming popular for obvious reasons.

However, my opinion as a "watch guy" is that these bars could be problematic in some applications.  I don't know that I'd trust them on a heavy diver, for example.  The fact they are easier to remove translates into just that, easier to disengage in my opinion.  I'm probably being overly cautious, but with the cost of these pins versus the watches they serve demands it in my opinion.

I do have straps with these sort of pins and no I haven't had issues.  But the potential is there.

I did notice some vendors offering "premium" bars of that type.  You might contact them.  Here's one example:


I haven't done any business with them, just using them as an example.  Here's one in the U.K., but it appears their sizes are severely limited at the moment.  But they are said to be "thicker" than standard bars, making them more secure for diving watches.


Again, I'm probably being overly cautious, but as a watch fan I do have concerns about longterm use of these pins.  Hope you have good luck with them!

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