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Best lining for wrist cuffs for long term wear.

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This is my first post on this very cool forum. If I this question is in the wrong group, I apologize.

I am a weirdo, so we do the whole BDSM thing, my question is related to leather wrist cuffs.

My wife sleeps with her wrists cuffed every night (it's , 2in cuff that was the natural suede lining). Those cuffs broke after 7 years of sleeping in them for 8+hrs a day.

They worked out fine, but she  had some issues with sweat, she sleeps hot sometimes and the cuffs get sticky after a while and when it was really hot the dye in the leather would transfer to my wrists leaving some interesting marks :D

I will be making the replacement cuffs as a Christmas present.


  1. What lining do you suggest for the cuffs (if any)
    - long term contact with skin (8hrs+), needs to be non-toxic as possible!
    - sweating is an issue so a leather that is not absorbent, but helps reduce sweat. I also rather it not rot my skin.
    - comfort!
    - preferred to not be dyed, or be tanned in a method that could cause irritation.
  2. What leather should I use for the (outer)cuffs?
    - how should it be tanned?
    - How should it be dyed?
  3. How should I bond the lining to the outer?
    I was thinking adhesive, but stitching might be an option.

I have attached some photos of the old cuffs for reference.

Thank you in advance.


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If you scroll down on the homepage you'll find an adult section. Tons of info on every freaky leather item you can think about and maybe some items you didn't even know about. There will probably be a mod come along and move this to that section anyway. 

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You might want to go with an undyed veg-tan leather for the cuffs and a little bit of neatsfoot oil to keep it supple.  Consider an undyed sheep sheerling liner, sewn in at the edges.

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I would definitely choose veg-tan over chrome tan. Long-term exposure to metallic salts leaching out due to sweating? No thank you.
Harness/Bridle etc, will vary, depends on the tannery. Some is entirely veg-tan that is then "stuffed" with waxes and oils, Some is combination veg/chrome tanned then stuffed. Take your time, do your research.
Even so, I'd be picky about the source of my veg-tan, no "mystery tannery" from Tandy.
Note that undyed veg-tan sheep shearling does exist. Harder to find, but I have used it in the past.

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