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Tools and Toys for Craftsmen??

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This is a stretch...but has anyone ever bought anything from a shop called "Tools and Toys for Craftsman"? Their instagram account shows some of the coolest leatherworking tools out there...but I wouldnt have a clue how to order from them, or if they have an American affiliate.

To make things worse, it looks like this is a Russian site and sold in rubles :), so my guess is NO...

Just thought I'd ask since their tools look really unique!

Website:  https://toolsandtoys.ru/

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I did once when they were Etsy, when I went back to them for a 2nd thing they said their Etsy account was closed & to make payment direct into a Russian bank account, I was not comfortable doing that so did not get the thing & this was pre the Ukraine invasion, you might want to check sanctions in your country to see if you can order direct.

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