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Hello! I have purchased a used punching machine of the brand Sandt, model 410 from 1974. However, there seems to be an electrical issue with it. In order to troubleshoot it, I need a wiring diagram, which I currently do not have. Is there anyone here who has such a diagram or knows where I can start looking for one? I have already contacted Sandt, but they couldn't find a wiring diagram for such an old model. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions.IMG_3784.thumb.jpeg.ede13cbea3b03ef3bb69ba85fb3f2df9.jpeg

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1 hour ago, Younes said:

I would appreciate any tips or suggestions.

Moved your post to leather machinery.

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If the machine is hydraulic, I don't think that the wiring is overly complicated. If you can find a local electrician who specializes in automation he should be able to troubleshoot in a short time.

Can you explain what the machine does and doesn't?

I mean do does the hydraulic pump start when you press start, or is all just dead? 

My best guess without knowing the machine would be that you are required to push 2 places in order for the press to work (in order to keep hands away from the machine, if one of those switches or pushbuttons are damaged, you can press but the machine won't see the signal and won't move.

If you can locate those push buttons, you can try to measure them yourself if you have a multimeter (around 100 SEK in Biltema) 

1) Unplug the machine while you work on it.
2) Put the selector on the multimeter on OHM (resistance)
3) look on the back of the pushbutton, you might have to unscrew it from the machine to get access to the back. 
4) measure the resistance when you activate the push button. If the button is healthy, it should have a resistance close to 0 Ohm. if not, the pushbutton is bad.
5) if there is an emergency stop on the machine, the measurement is the opposite. When the emergency stop is not operated you should be able to measure approximately 0 Ohm over the terminals.

Another thing that could potentially be wrong is the solenoids on the hydraulic valves. You can measure the resistance and check that there is some resistance in them. Probably around 25-50 Ohm If there is a very large number, the winding in the solenoids are burnt and you will need a new solenoid.

I hope this helped a bit.

Good luck with the machine.

Brgds Jonas

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@Younes I tried to google a bit. 

Sieck (a major sales company for used leather machinery) has a similar machine for sale. I am pretty sure that they have their own repair department. You could try to write them and ask if they had a wiring diagram.


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