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Correcting Stamping Mistake

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While I was doing basketweave stamping on a belt the tool twisted in my fingers when I struck it and the mistake was very noticable. I tried to correct it doing the following:

1) I re-wet the spot and then using the flat side of a bone folder/slick rubbed over the mistake until most of the impression was gone 2) I then re-stamped.

My problem now is there is a dark spot that is somewhat shinney where I rubbed. My questions are:

1) What is the correct methord for correcting a mistake like this, assuming there is a way?

2) Now that I have the problem is there a way to lighten the spot?

As Always Thank


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Being a "pro" doesn't mean you don't make mistakes. It only means you know how to cover them up! :)

Before doing this on your project, just like any technique, TRY IT ON A SCRAP FIRST!

I've had the same problem you do. What I did:

1. Soak that area with water. That swells the tooling out. Remember to wet the entire project, at least a little, so you don't get a water stain.

2. Rub the leather with a bone folder/modeling spoon while the leather is saturated. This helps work out any tooling marks.

3. Let the leather dry (A fan or hair dryer on low helps speed the process up) back to proper tooling "temper"

After that you should be back in business. Yes, you're going to have to restamp a larger area of the pattern, so be careful when you do.

Dave T.

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You may also try to hit the basket stamps around the one that is dark. This will also darken the ones around the mistake to make it look more even.

Or dye the whole project black. I had to dye the first few projects black that I did while learning. The darker the color, the harder it is to see the mistakes.

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Hi... It's pretty difficult, (depending on how serious the mistake) to completely eradicate it. Adding water as was mentioned, will indeed help to "swell" the tooling impression out, and may do it quite well... But I don't think I'd rub on it, under any circumstances, because any pressure on the surface of the leather will affect the dyeing process, at least to some degree. If you're dyeing it black or another dark colore, it might not matter tho. Sometimes you can actually push carefully on the leather from the back side with a modeler, or stylus, and get that incorrect impression to darned near go away. You might have to let the piece lay flat with some weight on it to avoid mis-shaping the piece a bit tho. I've made mistakes similar to what you're describing, and have been able to make them undetectable, and on the other hand, I've made those mistakes and had to live with them. But those are the only mistakes that I've made in my whole entire life, so I don't feel so bad! Oh...I forgot to mention, I've got an automatic decorative cut maker for sale..... :)

Happy experimenting!


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