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post-8619-0-66282500-1371837571_thumb.jpMy 12 yr old needed a new backpack for the upcoming school year. Those messenger back style backpacks are freakin' expensive!

So we started rooting around in the bins and found some nice chrome tan....

Jake has designed it out of paper and now has cut the leather..... Now it's time to get it all stuck together!

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No updates on the messenger bag project tonight. Jake and I went over to Springfield Leather to grab a new pound board.... well, to make a long story short, the gals there ambushed us and forced us to by a whole hide and a side. We held firm to our morals... (and the debit card) until they money whipped me with a 1.99 a foot for a 60 foot side and 20 for a distressed sorta black side.

I have absolutely no idea what to do with these but after we got home I discovered that we forgot the &*$% pound board.

So now we gotta go back tomorrow morning...

Hope we can stay under the floor gals radar and sneak in and out!


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Saturday is stick it together day! Jake is forking and stitching!

Hopefully will be together by sunday am, if not will post the next pic next weekend

ps: if you look closely you will see where we put a couple of small rivets on the seam line. Jake was having problems controlling the leather and he decided that these would help him hold everything together while he sews!


Mojo Geo

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