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  1. unlikely, this site is primarily composed of craftsmen that produce their own product.
  2. would you post a picture of you with the bag over your shoulder? I find it difficult to judge the size of a bag without a human model. thanks so much!
  3. U betcha, I destroy them quickly but they are cheap as heck
  4. Tnx for the follow-up emails! Will take awhile but will post pics ad soon as they are done Geo
  5. looks awesome! Tom, would you consider also creating a pattern for a smaller bag of the same style? This style is truly a classic and I think would make an awesome purse. geo
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/EPOXY-RESIN-HIGH-PERFORMANCE-VERSION-OF-MAX-CLR-24-OZ-/310187764669?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4838a1abbd polymer composites sells to the public in an ebay store, safe for direct food contact
  7. Try doggles with some electrical tape on him first, see if it helps. Tape on the lense...
  8. Huh, I apply neatsfoot with my hands, I was taught that way by my grandpa and have never thought twice about it. He had a saddlery and harness shop and was a third generation maestro. He always felt that the leather needed to be handled, but he always claimed that items have souls and needs. He was a different kind of feller, but I still miss him. RIP
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