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  1. LoneWolf1973

    Looking for some help with a pattern

    Thank you Dwight...I try to avoid badges so I was unaware of the mass variations
  2. LoneWolf1973

    Looking for some help with a pattern

    Thank you for the replies...I will contact him and get more details about the badge such as an outline.
  3. LoneWolf1973

    Looking for some help with a pattern

    He had said a "generic" badge holder...I am not even sure if that can be done out of leather because of different dimensions...he was wanting them for gifts to his vet group.
  4. I am looking for some assistance with a wallet. I have had a request to make a bi fold but with a badge holder in it. My problem is designing the holder part.
  5. LoneWolf1973

    Made a wastepaper basket lid

  6. Awesome work...where did you get the chain from? Springfield Leather?
  7. I haven't tried a second one yet but I had noticed that I will have to modify it. I am not sure if it is me or the pattern but it did not go together correctly. Like you said it is a good inspiration. I have taken another pattern from that book for a nail clipper case and working on modifying is to a flash drive case. The other one I have done out of that book is a knife sheath and it came out great...allot better than the kit.
  8. LoneWolf1973

    Business Card Display Template?

    I don't have a picture of mine but I took some scrap 8 oz leather, put my logo on it and soaked it (I used a baking soda/water mix for effect) and formed in into a J shape....once it dried I attached a flat piece to the bottom with rivets.
  9. LoneWolf1973

    Transferring Patterns To Leather

    I bought a couple packs or overhead projector sheets (at a thrift shop) and if the design is simple I use a permanent marker and trace it on the film (just make sure you don't place the ink side on the leather...been there) or of the design is larger or more in-depth I tape a paper copy to a sheet of the film and tape another over it...then I cut it out of the film leaving about 1/4 inch around the design and seal the edges with tape. You can also (usually) put these sheets thru a printer but, again, do not place ink side down on the leather. Then I use a ball point pen to transfer the pattern...and being in the plastic film the image can be reused. I don't know but this may seem like alot of work but it seems to work for a lasting pattern. I am sure there are better ways but getting that film like I did (usually about $30 a pack...I paid $1) it's what I'm doing for now.
  10. Looks good...alot better than the one I just tried making (my first attempt). I've been playing with this one trying to get the bugs out of it...it is actually a pattern from an al stohlmans book.
  11. LoneWolf1973

    To big to upload

    I use a free program called Pixresized but there are many free programs out there you can use both online or download.
  12. LoneWolf1973

    I'm back

    After taking a break from here (not leatherwork) I am back. I've been concentrating on creating new stuff and my business, which has been going decent.
  13. LoneWolf1973

    Looking for an image

    Thank you...I've hunted hi and low for that.
  14. LoneWolf1973

    Looking for an image

    I did this when I was 11 years old and have long since lost the original image. I found the image today on pintrest and was wondering if anyone could get me a clean copy of this. I have been hunting and can not find one. Thanks
  15. LoneWolf1973

    Pow Mia Solo Seat