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  1. Thank you Dwight...I try to avoid badges so I was unaware of the mass variations
  2. Thank you for the replies...I will contact him and get more details about the badge such as an outline.
  3. He had said a "generic" badge holder...I am not even sure if that can be done out of leather because of different dimensions...he was wanting them for gifts to his vet group.
  4. I am looking for some assistance with a wallet. I have had a request to make a bi fold but with a badge holder in it. My problem is designing the holder part.
  5. I haven't tried a second one yet but I had noticed that I will have to modify it. I am not sure if it is me or the pattern but it did not go together correctly. Like you said it is a good inspiration. I have taken another pattern from that book for a nail clipper case and working on modifying is to a flash drive case. The other one I have done out of that book is a knife sheath and it came out great...allot better than the kit.
  6. I don't have a picture of mine but I took some scrap 8 oz leather, put my logo on it and soaked it (I used a baking soda/water mix for effect) and formed in into a J shape....once it dried I attached a flat piece to the bottom with rivets.
  7. I bought a couple packs or overhead projector sheets (at a thrift shop) and if the design is simple I use a permanent marker and trace it on the film (just make sure you don't place the ink side on the leather...been there) or of the design is larger or more in-depth I tape a paper copy to a sheet of the film and tape another over it...then I cut it out of the film leaving about 1/4 inch around the design and seal the edges with tape. You can also (usually) put these sheets thru a printer but, again, do not place ink side down on the leather. Then I use a ball point pen to transfer the pattern...and being in the plastic film the image can be reused. I don't know but this may seem like alot of work but it seems to work for a lasting pattern. I am sure there are better ways but getting that film like I did (usually about $30 a pack...I paid $1) it's what I'm doing for now.
  8. Looks good...alot better than the one I just tried making (my first attempt). I've been playing with this one trying to get the bugs out of it...it is actually a pattern from an al stohlmans book.
  9. I use a free program called Pixresized but there are many free programs out there you can use both online or download.
  10. After taking a break from here (not leatherwork) I am back. I've been concentrating on creating new stuff and my business, which has been going decent.
  11. Thank you...I've hunted hi and low for that.
  12. I did this when I was 11 years old and have long since lost the original image. I found the image today on pintrest and was wondering if anyone could get me a clean copy of this. I have been hunting and can not find one. Thanks
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