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After My First Year Of Fits And Starts

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I will sum up some of what I have learned.

1. Write up the steps for each project, both in advance as the plan and notes on how they were executed and any adjustments to be made net time.

2. Leather work is 40% working with leather and the rest of my time sharpening. At this point I can't describe myself as a leather worker but more of an accomplished sharpener and polisher.

3. Even if the project isn't perfect finish it. Perseverance will win the day.

4. Keep watching the Videos you nice people have posted. One on the saddle stitch (which I so desperately want to master) I watched 8 times before I saw the simple move I was omitting.

I will keep it up,

Best to all and thanks,


Besides the fact I just realized I posted this to the wrong topic!

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Sounds like you're learning a lot here Michael. We'll be waiting to see some leather work!

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If you aren't learning something every time you do a project, you're either a real master or you're doing something wrong. I'd go with the latter. :cowboy:

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Hi Michael,

sounds like you're having a good time doing it and that's the main thing!!

On your second item: It took me a good year to learn all the fine points (no pun intended) of tool sharpening, mostly from Al Stohlman's books and some friendly advice from an old cobbler in town. I learned also that it's a lot easier to strop than to sharpen. When I carve I have my strop right next to me on the bench and about every ten minutes I just do a few quick swipes across with the swivel knife. Keeps the blade nice and sharp and takes hardly any time at all; same thing with the awl.

I made my strop by simply glueing a piece of leather (about 4"x20") to a board flesh side up and loading it with green polishing compound. The white stuff Tandy sells didn't work too well, so I got some green from a wood tool supplier.

Hope this helps!

Black Dogg

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