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Revisiting The Hand Stitchers ( Speedy Stitcher & Awl-For-All )

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A while back, the subject of the chain stitch came up in a post here. I promised the member that I would post a tutorial on how to do the stitch without a machine.

While researching the topic to see if there was some information on the net, or in my extensive library of leather books, I drew a complete blank. I did watch some YouTube videos that were on how to do the lock stich, and some of them were downright frightful. I remember at least two of the demonstrators having bleeding fingers before they were done.

So, I decided to add a few tips on how to do the lock stitch more safely, as well as easier and faster.

I know that some people have an attitude about the hand stitchers, which I find to be silly.... because, after all, they produce the same stich that most leather stitching machines do.

I only posted this on my blog because the size limit on photos is more generous there, and I wanted to have high resolution photos for illustration.

The link below to my my blog will take you to the tutorial. I hope if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions; you will take the time to post them.

Thank you,

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