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  1.   On 7/12/2011 at 6:21 PM, WyomingSlick said:

    And then there are the other stamps. Some 150+ of them with no identifying name. In this group there are some that will look like they were probably made by the same maker. If you place them next to one another, the tool shafts will match - same length, knurling, shaft taper, etc. There is one group that seems to be made of 2 differant metals in that the head is not magnetic while the shaft are. These are suppposebly made with a brass head swedged to a steel shaft, and then the whole thing plated with chromium. These have been identified as tools sold by Apache Leather Company in Phoenix,AZ.

    Hello SIr, I am looking for any information, or pictures you have of "Apache Leather Company", Tooling stamps.

    I have started a Facebook group called, "Leather Tools History".  Please stop by, if you are on Facebook.

    Thank you,


  2. Wyomingslick - I am sad to see you leave leatherworker.net I would love to find your contact info because you were always so helpful in identifying tools with such great descriptions. Please let me know how I can contact you of follow your insights on a blog somewhere. JOHN johnk.jenk@gmail.com

  3. Really nice looking work ! When can we expect to see a green wood/leather compilation?
  4. Yes, a big hand for some well deserved recognition to a man who is not only always helpful, but is willing to spend considerable effort in giving very comprehensive guidance to the subject. Congratulations and thanks a bunch !
  5. Hi again, Which ones are you looking for?
  6. Those tools are the metal stamping tools for use on softer materials such as silver, copper, and aluminum that Tandy introduce in the early 60's Of course they could also be used on leather, and several article appeared in the LEATHER CRAFTSMAN magazine featuring them. Also some of the Doodle Pages also showed work done with them on leather. They are plated with a thin zinc coating which doesn't last long on the tips under use. Looks to me like you either have the full set, or nearly so. I counted 41 there, and if there are no doubles, then that is three more than I have collected. There were 39 shown in the original offering, but i know they did add some more later as I have a couple not shown on the original catalog page. Craftool did put out at least one instruction book, and perhaps more, for these tools. I have seen a few of the books come up on ebay, but they went to other buyers with fatter wallets than mine, or at least more desire than I had. A couple of scans that might be of interest below.
  7. Footballs are not made of pigskin, but rather of vegtan cowhide that is embossed with a pebble grain. The name "pigskin" comes from the early days of football when pig bladders were used for the inner bladder which is made out of rubber nowdays.
  8. This wasn't actually last week, but it's one I never forget now. When you are putting a name on an item, or otherwise personalizing it.....make triple darn sure that you have it right! That mistake is real embarassing when the item is for a relative!
  9. I know there is a correction or two to be made here so people will not have misinformation. First of all, the 780, 781, and the 782 ( later ones had a "Z" prefix ) were first introduced by Craftool sometime between 1960 and 1964. They were never called "turnbacks", rather, they were designated as "Alphabet Craftools". They also were only ever offered in a checkered version by Craftool, never in a smooth version. This is also true of the alphabet stamps later offered by The Leather Factory under the MIDAS ( Ivan ) brand name. While there are alphabet stamps out there, they were custom made tools, and never offered on a large commercial scale. The confusion about them being turnbacks may have arisen from the fact that they were used much like turnbacks on some "Doodle Pages" by artists like Al Stohlman, Al Shelton, and others who often showed new ways to use stamping tools other than the usual, or conventional way. I rather suspect that the alphabet stamps were an innovation from the mind of Lou Roth, the same fellow who invented "Craftaids, and also introduced many other new ideas for leatherworking when he was with Tandy in the 60's after they bought the CRAFTOOL company. You might note that this is when Tandy/Craftool also introduced the first full letter stamp sets that are so common today. I have to admit that I was surprised to find that Tandy doesn't offer these tools any more. That they don't, just confirms to me that they have some clowns running the company nowadays!
  10. ?? Sorry, I just can't resist this question What is the idea here? Is it that if you lose your wallet out in the forest, nobody can find it?
  11. Oh ! Thanks a lot for making me feel really old by reminding me that "Stairway to Heaven" came out 43 years ago. LOL
  12. I wouldn't feel bad if I were you as the situation simply reflects the fact that some people are neglectful when it comes to training their dogs. The best trained dogs will only eat what their master directs them to.
  13. Perhaps aother leaf, or two, under the middle flower to balence out the background area
  14. Oil and Gas Industry ?? Hmmmm, you do realize that odor you smell there is due to the presence of hydrcarbons in the air around you? And those same molecules in the air will also degrade normal elastics in time? I should think that you would want to use a neoprene elastic, or another type that is oil-resistant, just as the soles of your boots are.
  15. What you are looking for are long thin brass pins commonly called Escutcheon Pins They are used just like a rivet; the end is cut off and peened over the back plate I should think that your lock source would also have sold them
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