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  1. Really Really Nice!!! You did a Great Job!!! I like it all...the leather strap / antler button and the rattler snake skin...So Kool!!!!!!
  2. Whoa...Awesome!!! Well Done!!!
  3. Bruce H

    New work bench

    The bench is coming along...I have covered the top with 3/4" plywood. Getting ready to put the granite slab down, I Thanks for all the ideas...MIkerock I'm taking your idea into consideration. Good idea! Does anyone have any other ideas for sound dampening? I was thinking maybe the rubber shelf lining material for cabinets? Thanks everyone! . Here's a progress photo
  4. Bruce H

    New work bench

    Are you referring to pegboard for hanging items? I think ill use shelves , magnetic strips and cabinets / boxes...I have a tool chest for some storage and the organizer drawers that are in the photo have dividers in some of the drawers. What ya got in mind I'm all ears.
  5. Bruce H

    New work bench

    Supporting layers it is...Will definitely go this route...My Bench top is going to be right at 41". The self healing cutting matt looks like what I'm after...Thanks PastorBob. Keep your suggestions coming...Love seeing all the input. Thank you so much Bruce
  6. Bruce H

    New work bench

    Thanks JayEhl for the plastic tip...I knew I didn't want to use Poly...But I couldn't think of the HPDE name What thickness would one recommend 3/8" or greater? I'm going with a 25" X 48" pc? Thank you
  7. Bruce H

    New work bench

    Awesome. I'm thinking like all of you...Standing / moving or sitting on a tall adjustable stool will be more comfortable for me. I've got electrical outlets already wired up / Purchased a Kobalt hydraulic stool...Now to figure out who I can get to help me carry this 9ft pc (Granite was free) down the steps...LOL I'll have about $150 in stool and lumber...Now I'm on the hunt for a 4ft X 2ft pc of polypropylene for a cutting matt. Any work bench ideas are appreciated! Thanks for all of your input. Bruce
  8. Wasn't sure where to post this...Looking for advice / opinion...I'm building a new bench...I've got a 9' pc of granite I'm putting on the top. My question is am I building this bench too tall? Most benches I see in photos are low with office chairs etc. Thanks for your input. Bruce
  9. Nice!!!!!...I've downloaded the patterns...May have to make one of these for my daughter for Christmas. Thank you!!!!!!!!
  10. Nice work guys!!!! Real Nice!!! . FYI: There is a difference between a masons hammer and a carpenters hammer
  11. looking real good...Nice clean lines...Great work!
  12. Thanks everyone - My friend loved it!!!!!
  13. Made a new sheath for my friends axe...This was his grandfathers, its a True Value Boy Scout Axe. He loved it! (Lots of mistakes and lots of learning) (I made my own pattern - 1 pc leather) I hated to give it away...LOL
  14. Nice shop!!! I'm not sure where you are located, (I'm in Illinois) take caution with a condensating ceiling...Mine sweats various times of the year.
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