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  1. Very Nice...The fade away basket weave is awesome! Well executed!
  2. Bruce H

    Houston Rodeo

    Looking good!...Nice carving & stitching skills!
  3. Very cool...Neat design.. The sap is on my list, with lead shot for the fill. I might have to take the route that you have and melt down the lead and add as piece of spring steel for a stiffener. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Those Saps are all really cool...Consider a can of wasp spray that shoots 15 ft +...This is a great defender
  5. It might be missing a spring washer at the end of the roller? (Make a leather washer for replacement) One might try soaking the parts in vinegar for cleanup & rust removal then hammer it with oil.
  6. Allman Brothers - Into the Mystic...Around 5:45 Derek Trucks starts the slide solo...This cats a genius with the glass
  7. Wow! Your tooling is spot on! Excellent work!
  8. Cut some square patches out of plastic milk jugs, then glue 2 or 3 layers together and cut to fit...It'll make a great stiffener. IMO
  9. Really like your style...Awesome work!
  10. I like it...Simple & functional...Awesome color! Looks like the holster should be spun 180 degrees (I know this cant be done) To prevent a sleeve or finger, etc. that wont deflect on the sewn side. The sewn side should be towards the back in my opinion.
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