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  1. Those Saps are all really cool...Consider a can of wasp spray that shoots 15 ft +...This is a great defender
  2. It might be missing a spring washer at the end of the roller? (Make a leather washer for replacement) One might try soaking the parts in vinegar for cleanup & rust removal then hammer it with oil.
  3. Nice!!! Great Job!
  4. Allman Brothers - Into the Mystic...Around 5:45 Derek Trucks starts the slide solo...This cats a genius with the glass
  5. Wow! Your tooling is spot on! Excellent work!
  6. Cut some square patches out of plastic milk jugs, then glue 2 or 3 layers together and cut to fit...It'll make a great stiffener. IMO
  7. Really like your style...Awesome work!
  8. I like it...Simple & functional...Awesome color! Looks like the holster should be spun 180 degrees (I know this cant be done) To prevent a sleeve or finger, etc. that wont deflect on the sewn side. The sewn side should be towards the back in my opinion.
  9. Very Kool!!!! Cue Case = On my bucket list Definitely going to have to try some block dying
  10. Looks like your strap edges are painted or dyed? I might try a natural burnish to keep the strap a little cleaner looking. Maybe even a little bit darker leather for the strap? (This might not even be possible if your using black antique). Just some ideas. Your work is Great! BW Stamping is spot on! Love the style / look...It came out real nice!
  11. I always enjoy seeing your work...Very nice! Well done! Thanks for sharing with us
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