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    Western Illinois - On the Mighty Mississippi
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    Anything leather / Hunting - fishing

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  1. Your tooling...Wow, Spot on if you ask me. Nice Work!
  2. That's Awesome! Happy Retirement! Sure will miss seeing your work!
  3. X2...Thanks for sharing with us!!!!!!!
  4. Very, very creative...I admire your work!
  5. Very nice...I to like the colors. Now look what you've started...Fender bib, tank bib, seat, etc.
  6. Wa-Wow man! That is so Kool! I love it! Great Craftsmanship! How you can go from a blank piece of leather to these creations of yours are amazing! Thanks for sharing with us...I always look forward to your next piece of work...Thanks again!
  7. Looks really good to me...I like it alot! Is the kydex just one cotinious piece and glued on to the leather? Did you form it with a hair dryer or something right agaist the phone? Maybe think about adding some texturing / scales / skin to the dragon next time...It appears you have artistic talent unlike mysef...LOL Again...I like it! Thaks for sharing.
  8. Right on!!!! Looking good! Thanks for showing us!
  9. I've looked at this about 3-4 times now...I really like it!!!! What is the brand of the basket weave stamp? Very nice work!!!!
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