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Some Ammo Pouch Questions

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Hi folks,

I am relatively new to leatherworking, but have a few projects under my belt. My father in law asked me to make him an ammo pouch. I have looked at quite a few designs on the forum and have a few questions.

I have designed a basic template just to give me an idea of a starting point that I have uploaded below. Excuse the messy cut, it happened when I cut it out onto pretty thick cardboard (using manilla when I have a finalized design). I mounted it on my belt and it seems to fit. This ammo pouch will be pancake style, and I intend to wet form the front piece only then stitch them together, and it will be constructed using 8/9oz leather. The magazine is 4 3/4" long, 1 7/16" wide and 3/4" deep.


1. I have noticed that stitch line distances from the side of where the ammo clip sits varies in pics from fellow forum users here. I have seen the stitching right in the crease and I have seen them (guessing here) about 1/4" or so away. Is this just a matter of preference or has this been based on how it is made?

2. I have designed it so 2/3 of the magazine will sit in the pouch to ensure it stays secure, leaving 1/3 of it extending making it easy to grab. Comments welcome!

3. What is the minimum distance you think between the belt slots and the edge of the leather? If I were to stitch around 1/4" away from the belts slots, would another 1/2 inch minimum be sufficient, so the leather all told would be at least 3/4" from the slots? I would hate for the leather to tear because I didn't make the leather wide enough.

Thanks in advance for your input.



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The distance from the stitching to the edge of the leather depends on the thickness. I've heard that you want to keep it about the same distance from the edge as the total thickness- in your case both layers. My general distance for the holsters I make is about 3/16". That is equal to 12 oz. of thickness. I like this even when I'm doing a slightly higher total thickness- farther from the edge looks chunky to me. If you are using 2 layers of 8 oz., then 1/4" for your stitch line is exactly right with that rule.

When I took a holster class @ my local Tandy (how I really got started in leatherwork), they said that you want a minimum of 1/4" from your belt slot to the stitch line (outer stitching or stitch line for the pistol)- more if you are also doing a stitch line around just the slot.

Since this is a mag pouch, and not a holster I think you can reduce all of the distances a little as the strain will be less.

As far as fitting the mag in the pouch, I haven't done the exposed mags. I like a mag pouch with a flap secured by snaps or velcro, so my design goes much higher on the mag than you are looking at.

Stitching distance from the mag body will vary depending on the amount of molding, thickness of leather, and the overall thickness of the mag. The thicker everything is, the further out the stitching needs to go.

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There are some more complicated ways to figure the mouth of the mag holder, but here is mine. I measure the width of the mag, then measure the depth on the flat side. Add those two together, and that gives me the width of the mouth. For double stack mag I also flare out the top stitch line slightly. Otherwise you will pull the top at a funny angle. Lay out that stitch line, stitch it up. Then wet and case the leather. Shove the mag in, might be tough at first. Then mold around it.

I prefer my stitch lines in tight. Tight will get loose and loose will get sloppy.

2/3 should be fine.

Looking at mine, I'm probably a shade under 1/2" from the edge on the slots. It's close and too late to dig for a ruler.

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Darn, I got my hopes up thinking a youngster, and almost everyone is a youngster to me, hehe, was making an old school dump pouch. Sigh.

All seriousness aside, good luck with your mag holder.

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