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  1. That is a nice one by the limited detail I can see. How long is it?
  2. Sorry, I can't help you with who Floyd Lingle was. It does appear to be a well made, well used and probably well loved ranch saddle. I particularly love the meandering spur tracks across the seat, that always had to come with a good story, haha.
  3. Superior workmanship on those, my friend. Great! Anyone would be proud to own either one or both.
  4. That's what I get for looking. I'm thinking horse or mule harness, duh.
  5. Nope, never, ever did that. Well, I may have heard of a guy that did it one time, I think...... That guy is more clear, now on which way to go for a longer stitch, theoretically speaking of course.
  6. Those are my thoughts as well, sir. While not fool-proof, knowing a little about your customer in advance goes a long way. I have refused to do some jobs for some people, I tried to to do it in graceful ways, but if I know something about them previously that isn't right in my mind, I just move on by. I have the business to prove that too, haha. Lawyers and legal documents have their uses, but in my mind shouldn't enter in to these kinds of jobs. Edited to add, I was referring to K-Man's post on page 1. Let common sense prevail, if you feel you need legal representation to fabricate a holster, let someone else make it.
  7. Darn, I got my hopes up thinking a youngster, and almost everyone is a youngster to me, hehe, was making an old school dump pouch. Sigh. All seriousness aside, good luck with your mag holder.
  8. Real good advice. Al Stohlman really was a wizard. He was forced to be commercial, but if you can find his more independent writing and teaching, there is really not much better that I have found.
  9. I learned through a lot of trial and error and looking at stuff I admired. What I noticed, especially with western and horse gear, rounder is better, square corners look kind of awkward and eventually try to curl up, at least on saddles and tack. So, I design with the rounder is better mantra in the back of my head, and it also works for holsters and such. Again, I think you have a lot of talent, keep at it.
  10. Holy mackerel, if that is your first attempt at serious leatherwork, or even if it was your tenth, that is some great work. I particularly like your magazine pouch. And as you are learning, patience is rewarded. Great job.
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