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Blackey Cole

Wanting To Replace Canvas On Folding Chair With Leather

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I got a folding chair the type with a folding table on one arm that the canvas ripped and is no longer usable now. I'm wanting to replace the canvas seat and back with leather to make it usable again. It's one piece. I've two ideas.

1) solid pice of leather and lace it over the top and leg bars like the canvas was sewed. I would be worried to sew it since the stitching would weaken the leather.

2) solid piece of leather for seat and back with strips on outside for additional strength that way the stitching would be perpendicular to the stress on the leather.

Also I have some mule hide I was told it was its soft and thick and greyish color. I'm thinking of using it as is for the prototype seat. To see if it will hold up and tweek from their.

This isn't one of the chair in a bag chairs it folds flat sideways not like the old style the folded fore to aft.

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post-6728-0-32672400-1416621438_thumb.jpI would be tempted to do it this way, . . . folding the leather over the end, . . . coming back and punching and lacing it after going through a slot.

May God bless,


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