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Hello everyone! I'm still fairly new to the forum and I am enjoying seeing what everyone else is working on, or has done in the past. At the moment I am working on a commission from an old Air Force buddy of mine, a Celtic knotwork belt with a dragon head at the ends of the two knots.

This is really version "2.0" of this belt as the first one I made was much simpler and not nearly as nice of a finished product. The first belt had the same knotwork design, minus the dragon heads, the edges were never burnished, and I used Ecoflow Kova Colors instead of dye or stain. Over the years the Kova Colors have cracked a bit, the rough edges of the belt have frayed, and overall I am not satisfied with how it has held up. Thankfully my friend who I made it for still loves it. This time around I am going to burnish the edges of the belt, I added the dragon heads to the design, and I am coloring it using Ecoflow Water Stain. From my research, the Ecoflow Water Stain is a quality product that will last through the wear and tear of regular usage. Also, the additions to the knotwork design, though a pain to draw up at first, were actually very easy to tool in and the look is a hundred times better in my opinion.

The first photo is of the original belt that I made, while the others are of the current belt project, the "2.0 version".






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Looking good. I'll be watching for an update of the finished product.

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