Old Cowman Logo Identification (Ray Mccullough)

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Hello all,

A friend of mine is wondering if any of you have seen or have any information about his late great Uncle's saddles or whips? He was a cowman in Bunnell/ Palm Coast / Elkton, Florida. The logo is attached. He is looking for some of his works as memento's. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.


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I spent a number of days with Ray in Palatka Florida back about 1985. I had him make me a 13 ft Florida stock whip which I still have.He wasn't able to braid it real tight because of his health but it is still good. I use it to do a wrap up in my whip act. There was another guy that was good friends with him, he hung around there a lot, that I heard ray was going to leave his things to but I can't remember his name. Ray was training dogs and working cattle when I was there. The last I heard he was in a home and I never got back to see him. This probably doesn't help you much but it was interesting to see someone inquiring about him.

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