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Car interior of leather

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hi there

i am new here.

i do not know i this is the place right for this topic .

Your forum is maybe the best i have ever seen on the internet about leater

it is a little strange that i found topics about bike seats bu i havent found anything for car seats , car interior , etc

I am trying to restore an old classic car and i want to do the interior from leather

so i guess the first things i should do is to make the prints in paper , to cut leather , to stitch leather etc

i am not planning to do anything by myself , i can start with easy spots like gear lever , doors etc

if you dont practice u do not learn

so to start i havto learn how to make the schematics (i do not know the word in english sorry) for the leather , and to start cutting and stitching

so the first thing is to learn the different ways to stictch 2 pieces of leather (it isnot like the "hard" leather u use in saddles etc ,its soft like cloth)

i ca use some help here , i am waiting for some help of any kind (links-pics-books)

thanks a lot and keep up!

constantine from greece

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Beetlejuice. Just a quick one to get started. The basic seams you will most likely use are

1. plain seam. This is simply where 2 peices of material are laid together face to face. In the case of leather this is grain faces grain.

2. Top seam (sometimes called french seam). This is a plain seam that is further folded over and another row of stitching added (like you might see on clothing seams. In the case of an item that may be exposed to the elements. The fold should be laid so as to allow water to run off and not form a little water pooling channel on the seam.

3. boot seam. Again it is started with a plain seam and then it sort of has a top seam added either side of the initial plain seam.

4. You probably won't need this one but another seam is called a balloon seam.

Let me see if I can find pics for you.


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Go here: http://www.get-up-and-go.com/upholstery-forum/index.php Join, and then go to the "General Discussion" forum and fire away with any upholstery related question you can think of. These folks are super helpful and can answer any questions you may have on upholstering a car interior or upholstering anything else, for that matter. They can tell you what kind of leather you will need, and how much, what tools and equipment you will need, materials, etc. It's a lot like Leatherworker.net, except it's all about upholstery.

Good luck, and post some pictures here when you're done! We all love pictures!


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