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  1. Thanks Darren. I will give him a buzz.
  2. Bit jealous you have a bobbin winder. I have to wind my Pearson bobbins with a drill. Can you post pics of the rein rounder attachment? regards. Barra
  3. Mate. Irrespective of what the customer wants, you will be held responsible when the train wreck occurs. These are cactus. Tell the customer it is new or nothing.
  4. For me it is Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars. That is Aussie speak for I am a GM man. Had a couple of Fords, both lemons. Every Holden I have had you could not kill with an axe. Have a Mitsubishi Triton Ute now. Utes are kind of like a pick up.
  5. I use plain old vinegar. Barra.
  6. Different models of machines are designed for light weight work and some are designed for heavy work. You will find heavy duty cylinder arms and equally heavy duty flat beds. When you say Typical cylinder arm, do you mean typical as in common ot Typical as in the brand. Regards. Barra
  7. A cylinder arm allows you to access areas of many jobs that will be difficult with a free arm. Some cylinder arm machines come with a flat bed attachment or you could make your own. If you are going to purchase just one machine, I'd go with a cylinder arm for versatility. Regards. Barra.
  8. My low cost creaser heater. Much like Tinker, I just use an empty salsa jar with a grommet in the lid for the wick. From my experience denatured alcohol/methylated spirit/metho evaporates while the jar is on the shelf so I just use lamp kerosene. Yes it gives off a bit of soot but a quick wipe with a rag before the creaser touches leather and all good.
  9. Might be easier to use a plug adapter. These can be bought at luggage/travel stores. On the subject of the crude Chinese patches. I have one and it is brilliant. I have mine set up for just a few applications and it stitches like a little champion. For the price you can't go wrong.
  10. i was taught this method by master motor trimmers and passed it on when I was teaching. Great quick reference.
  11. My creaser heater is simply a salsa jar with a wick inserted through the lid. The other image is of a homemade creaser I made in about 10 min from a hammer handle. Works like the plastic Tandy version
  12. While not adjustable a good grease can still be achieved on the cheap. The crease on the scrap piece of veg tan was done with the plastic bone folder. An even better effect can be achieved home made by getting an old boot knife and cutting a slot in the handle the distance in that you want your crease. Then sand and polish the outer edge to form a longer inner edge guide that runs up against your leather. Alternatively just use a nice piece of hardwood to make a creaser. Can be made in minutes, lasts forever and gets better with age and use. Barra
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