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  1. Fowlingpiece

    Masonic Stamps - Vintage Craftool Co. USA

    I will sell the Masonic stamps 25.00 each plus shipping
  2. Fowlingpiece

    Vintage Craftool Tools and Stamps

    Bikermutt07, message sent
  3. Miscellaneous vintage Craftool items including nippers in box, stylus, snap setters and anvils, 3d stamps and more 60.00 shipped. Sales and shipping to lower 48 USA only.
  4. Vintage Craftool Co. USA - 3 stamps 2 compass and square and one eastern star. 60.00 shipped. Sales and shipping to the lower 48 USA only.
  5. Hi

    Is the self centering press still available?



  6. Fowlingpiece

    Dixon Pricking Iron

    What vintage and do you have pics?
  7. Fowlingpiece

    Dremel burnishers not shipping straight?

    Do you have a deemed bit ad large in diameter and length to rule out its not the dremel shaft/arbor?
  8. Fowlingpiece

    Stitching/saddlers clam origins?

    An source documentation on the 13th century references?
  9. Nope, seems to work absolutely fine. I do mostly historical and bespoke one-off handsewn items.
  10. Sorry Wyle, I'm in Virginia
  11. Weaver Self Centering Punch with new Dies and extra parts. This is a barely used Weaver Self Centering Punch. It comes with new 1 1/2" billet end punch plate die with English church window tip and 5 belt hole punches, a buckle end punch plate die (made for 3/4" thru 1 3/4" straps and extra 1 1/4" strap end replacement tip for the billet die. These dies have literally punched out 6-8 straps. The 1 1/4" strap end replacement tip has not been used at all. Also included are 2 factory new replacement cutting pads and a new guide set. Neither of these parts on the machine need replacing at this time due to limited use. The handle is a custom replacement that is better than the factory handle. It is made of 1" solid steel, drilled and tapped to accept an allen bolt, attaching like the original handle. It was primed, painted to match the machine and supplied with a cushion grip like the factory original. Shipping costs and any desired insurance is the responsibility of the buyer. This unit with attachments retails for over 2700.00 I have this listed at 1500.00 OBO plus shipping and any desired insurance. Pickup is preferred and you can see it work. The unit and attachments are best shipped in one box and the handle should be shipped separately a tube. Will ship within continental USA only. More pictures available
  12. I am interested in any dies and other attachments that would fit the Weaver MT900 or Little Wonder Thanks
  13. I am interested in any dies and other attachments that would fit the Weaver MT900 or Little Wonder Thanks
  14. Fowlingpiece

    Looking for all-natural veg-tan leather

    Agree. True old time pit, bark tannage