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Clip To Attach Strap To Gusset

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Hi folks,

I am making a bag with a double gusset, externally stitched

I have been looking for a clip that is used to attach a shoulder strap to the middle gusset. I have seen them on a number of different branded bags. Basically U shaped with rivet/screw holes that that has an eye on it to attach the shoulder strap hardware.

Here are some examples:


(see the clip in the third pic)


(you can see the screws)

Where would I find these? Looking for nickel plated with 2 holes as I feel just the one hole for a rivet isn't secure enough..

Many thanks.

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I don't know if this would work or not. Ohio Travel Bag has clips with a ring on them that were made for the top of say a clutch for a removable chain/strap. You could always drill the second hole, and some of them actually have almost saw-tooth ends to clamp into the leather. I have bought light wt. ones for clutches, and looks like it could be applied like you want. I just don't know how heavy duty they come. I would call them and ask, they have gone and checked on things for me in the past. Good luck.

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