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Tried something different , it started with some hummingbirds on a peace of scrap and it ended in a little bag made from chrome tanned and vegtanned leather and an old jeans.

Started totally wrong , first cut a part out where the carved piece had to come , didn't fit , so decided to lace it . In the back piece made a cut for the zipper. Started to sew the whole back together , made from jeans a bag for the inside , but forgot the Zippers. Made a small separate pocket with the zipper on the jeans part , as soon as I finished it , the first problem rised , Started to stitch the zipper in the leather , opened the zipper , no pocket . :dunno:. finally made the zipper with a buckstitch between the leather and the jeans , problem solved.

My first idea was to close the bag on top with a zipper , but didn't like it . So made a Zipper in the jeans bag , the first side no problem , the second side yeah second problem , next time before stitching anything together first the zippers. Bought a magnetic lock for the bag , made a vegtan heart to cover the parts I didn't want to see , stitched it together . Guess what , to light . At least made to strong magnets inside,covered with a small piece of chrome tanned and the inside and a vegtanned strap on the outside.

Learned a lot of it.



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