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Hello, Im Mac

recently ive been renewing my interest in attempting to make some plaited rawhide objects, got some cow rawhide made up and have been wrking on dehairing it. so while im casing a smallish circle to cut into string, figured id introduce my self and slip a couple questions out there too...

ive read both "braiding rawhide horse tack and a good portion of bruce grants book...and spent the last week going threw old post on here and while it has answered alot of questions it has created some new ones as well either from contradictory statements or etc...

sooo when plaiting rawhide hair side out or in? ive heard it both ways does, is it different for reatas than for bosals, reins, hobbles etc?

once i have my initial rough string cut from the hide, the "BRHT" book says to stretch the string, then jumps into making string cutters etc then comes back to string, does the string "NEED" to be stretched and left to dry and cased again or can if at the right temper it go straight to final sizing and beveling...? the book says some folk like to omit the stretching leaving to dry and then re casing as it "takes the life" out of it...

well thanks hope u all will be able to help with these and the other questions ill be posting in the near future!


couple practice pieces to get the plaiting and knot wrk rolling in my head,

yea plait got a weee bit twisted on this "RAIN DAY" bosalita but eh is only paracord... double loop lace stitched the nose button cause plaiting it was just WAY to bulky for a bosalita and the plain spiral wrap was just to Plain looking.... this was 3rd piece i made of paracord....6 plait cheeks over 3/16' rope rolled in athletic tape has a surprising li good feel to it considering the materials...


8 plait hobbles 6x7 TH made into pineapple knots... 2nd piece i made...


plait came out way more straight on this bosalita...1st piece ive made


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Welcome Mac, Good looking work. You'll likely get different opinions on your questions & with practice you'll find what works best for you. Rawhide is generally braided hair side out, but I've done pieces flesh side out with no problems. there are some advantages to flesh out, rawhide curls toward the hair side which can make for rough edges when it gets wet & dries, also the strength is in the outer hair side layer so if it's to the inside it's protected from wear. I don't stretch my strings, the hide is stretched on the frame when processing & I don't restretch. Good luck & it looks like your well on your way, you just have to learn how to work with the rawhide, you'll do fine. Buck

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