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Table Top Template for Singer 211 Class

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Hi all! I've been using an old Singer 31-20 for years. It's served me well especially after adding a servo motor to it. But alas, I have outgrown it now that I'm wanting to do some upholstery work. While I'm trying to sell my 31-20, I just purchased a Singer 211U567B from CL for $350 and it's being shipped as we speak. The seller was selling it complete with the table and clutch motor but that would be too much to ship so I just opted for the head and all the accessories and parts from the table. I know I can buy a replacement table top for less than $100, but being a hobby fabricator, I have some ideas for a really cool looking sewing table I would like to build. I've searched around for a table top template I can simply print out, trace onto my top and cut but haven't been able to find anything. The best I've been able to do is find the reference sketch from the back of a 211U157A manual. See below. My goal is to draw one up on Sketchup, refine it on my table and share it with you guys for other to use if they'd like. I hate to reinvent the wheel but so far I've come up empty handed when looking for one that's already made. Hopefully I can have the complete template done this weekend, so stay tuned. 

Singer dimensions.JPG

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We have a "make your own table" topic with lots of ideas and samples (se link below.

I had posted a link to a DXF file I made for my Consew 225 tables: http://uwe.net/CAD/Consew225_v2.dxf 

Perhaps you can import that CAD file as a starting point to dial in your own dimensions.


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First isn't that the big bobbin machine, something rings to that anyway and its not even 7pm.

As Uwe mentioned some great post on tops, and might even google it, I'm sure plenty will lead back to here and maybe in short order. I would really consider a thicker top than the usual 1.5" as I have retrofitted every used one i have. The  2"x1/8th angle welded frame. Not because its cool but they have sagged honestly, I had plenty of other things to do. fwiw 

If considering a plastic edge you can make your final thickness to whatever you get ordered some of them are rare or odd measures imo.

 But anyway it cost about as much to ship a top as the top itself, or pretty darn close.  In a frame I would really look into a factory "newer" h frame i think it is they call it, If ya can swing it i heard they were pretty nice. 

Good luck there


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