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Headpiece help

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My wife is looking to do a Star Wars character to get into the 501st. The character she is doing is Darth Traya. This character has a leather headpiece and I have a few questions

I got a 4/5 ounce single shoulder from Tandy leather to work with and I am planning on wet forming it to her head. I have attached a few pictures

My question is what is a good dye or paint for the black, and what about that red. What can I use on the head piece to keep it from drying out

Also is Tandy the only good place to order leather. I need a 3 inch wide strap that is 72" long and all I find is the 50" long ones





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For pure black Fiebings Pro Oil should work. I believe any acrylic paint will work for the red area as long as you have a topcoat finish. 

http://springfieldleather.com/ has a great selection of products. 

I have never purchased from Zack White but here is a strip that might work: http://www.zackwhite.com/3in-Natural-Vegetable-Tanned-Leather-Strips--XXL-Length_p_1372.html

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