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Howard Hot Stamping Systems

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Hi there, has anyone used either the Howard M150 or the M45 on leather? I had some brass types made that I want to use to stamp some gold foil onto veg tan leather. After doing some research online (this forum is awesome truly), I found this guide to be very informative. I however cannot tell Howard's M150 apart from the M45 aside from that the M150 has a foil feed. Insights are much appreciated as always :)

a side question, if i don't heat up those stamps, is it as good as a regular arbor press or clicker (is this just a flat press instead of a post press?), or will those hot stamp systems won't have enough force to leave a good embossing?

another side question...i read about die-cutting, seems like it will increase yield quite a bit if I choose to start selling on Etsy etc. where do I get dies made and I'd have to use a clicker then?


Thanks a million and happy weekend!



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Clicker dies are quite expensive. There are quite a few makers out there. Look at the top of the main page there is a link to Texas dies. You CAN use a mallet DEPENDING on the size of leather and the die. Most dies are made from your drawings. 

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Like his value added statement not sure those two go hand in hand 


How does imprinting add value?

  • Adds extra dollars to existing sales
  • Additional markup is pure profit
  • Encourages purchase of more items per visit
  • Attracts new customers
  • Boosts impulse purchases
  • Makes any item non-returnable
  • Increases repeat customers
  • Advertises itself

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very great points :) 

I ended up getting a cheap 1 ton arbor press to start. purchased a set of brass stamps and a set of plates to attach onto the ram.

I've got a heat gun too so i'm planning on just heating the stamp, put it in place, then press! hope that'll work.

btw, where should i source some good quality gold foil? i got some from amazon and they are pretty terrible...adhesion is quite poor and the stamped regions don't have clean lines (flaky).


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