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Need Coin Purse Clasp/Closure

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I have been mugged before, so I carry all my money in a coin purse.

I usually buy them on Ebay, and are pretty cheap.

The problem is they are all fake leather or some sort of flexible plastic and they rip out quick.

So I would like to make one out of good leather and reinforce it where they rip out.

But I don't know what the closure/clasp is called and searches hasn't helped me much.

It's a pinch frame that closes on the leather sides of the opening with an arm with a ball at the end and to close it you bring them together and balls keep it from opening.

I'd like to get a frame that not just pinches on the leather, but can sew it on. If it's wide enough, I could drill the holes myself.

I've tried several times on the ripped out ones to salvage the frame but they are so cheap they just bend up beyond trying to use them again.

Does anyone know what they are called, or know of a supplier that offer these?

Someone must make these some where.

Here's a link to an Ebay for a picture of what I mean.


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It is called a kiss lock frame.

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Thanks, I would have never guest that name.

At least I have something to search for now.

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