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Hello from Fort Collins, Colorado

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Just wanted to say thanks to the powers-that-be for letting me join this amazing resource of talented people. I am deeply impressed by some of the artistic talent on this forum. I've actually been reading threads for a while, and only recently signed up.

I'm presently collecting tools so I can try my hand at some automotive upholstery. I would LOVE to do some of that work in leather, but I suspect I need to start out with vinyls and fabrics and learn a thing or two before I attempt making something out of some very expensive materials. This will all start out as a hobby, and who knows what comes after that. :rolleyes2: My first project will be the interior for a 1953 GMC Truck I acquired a while back that I am fully restoring myself.

My greatest challenge when I began this sewing journey was trying to figure out what kind of machine would be the most suited to the task. I learned quickly that I needed a walking foot, but then became quite discouraged to learn there are different types of walking foot machines. I was lucky to discover Wizcrafts very helpful thread on The type of sewing machine you need to sew leather. Armed with the valuable information from that thread, and other excellent discussions on this forum, I decided to start out with a Consew 206RB-5.

I'm an older guy, and I have spent most of my life impersonating a precision machinist and fabricator. I have a modest but capable machine and fabrication workspace here at home. I have a deep love of machines in general, and was actually thinking it would be super cool to just buy one of the older Singers and doing a full restoration. Then, reality sunk in as I looked around my home shop at the MANY half finished projects I'm already working on, and decided I was more likely to succeed at this sewing thing if I just bought a machine that was ready to go.

Thanks again for letting me join this amazing community, and I WILL have some questions about these industrial machines as I get started. Of course, I will search first...

Take care,


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Welcome aboard.

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Welcome from Fort Fun!  As you can see, there is a LOT of info here about machines. 

Your GMC and I came into being at the same time. It was a very good year!

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