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  1. rodneywt1180b


    Egyptian Leather sells Tiger thread in small amounts on Etsy. The owner is a great guy, he's always been helpful to me. If you prefer twisted thread instead of braided, I recommend Maine thread. You can buy it fairly cheaply from BuckleGuy.com and it's made here in the USA.
  2. Totally agree on the older machinery. Unless you spend serious money the new stuff doesn't come close. Great job on the pony! I'm thinking about a better one for myself too.
  3. !'m surprised no one has answered this. I don't have any answers either but this will at least bump you back to the top.
  4. If you're limiting yourself to garment weight leather you might get away with using a domestic machine. The other limits you're going to run into would be thread, needle and stitch length sizes. As much as I like vintage domestic machines (I have around 30 in my collection), you're better off long term buying a machine designed for leather.
  5. Hi Otzi, I would like to get 1 of the better hides. Your link isn't currently working, at least not for me. Can you let me know price w/shipping to USA zip code 98531? Thanks! Rodney
  6. I didn't really make any leather gifts but I did buy a double shoulder and a few starter tools for the neighbor kid for Christmas.
  7. Merry Christmas! You think they might prefer a cold beer?
  8. Don't use a steel hammer on your tools. You will damage them (at least I did). Buy a decent mallet instead. A rotary cutter works well for long straight cuts and is cheaper than a head knife to start. Check the various threads here on sharpening your tools. Sharp is more important than brand, at least to get started. Splurge on some 1/4 round punches for your corners (on my "want" list). I still struggle with getting decent curves by hand. It takes practice to get the results you show. Be patient and keep at it. You'll get there.
  9. I think you guys are doing a great job. I like those cheap oil tan sides too. I ordered two matching and got what I requested in the order notes-great customer service on your staff's part. I don't see any name brand thread on your site. Maybe some Maine thread (I've been using this brand recently and like it) or Fil-a-Chinois (sp?) possibly?
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