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  1. rodneywt1180b

    A Collaboration on a Cane

    I say go for it. It's not that difficult, it just takes some time. Post some pictures here when you're done. Cechaflo's (sp?) videos on youtube are a great help for wrapping things.
  2. rodneywt1180b

    A Collaboration on a Cane

    The cane is finally done and on it's way to YinTx's dad. My stitching isn't perfect, not even close,and I really struggled with getting the areas where the seams meet to look ok. They're not perfect either but they'll work I think. The toughest part was forming the leather on the handle. The compound curves were tricky to mold and I didn't want to deform YinTx's work. I settled on painting water on the back side of the leather with a small paint brush just in the areas that needed a little help to form and slowly worked the leather down by hand. When I got the leather where I wanted it I clamped it in position to dry. Anyway, pictures.
  3. rodneywt1180b

    A Collaboration on a Cane

    Ireceived the leather pieces from YinTx a few days ago. They're even nicer in person. Working up the courage to get started...
  4. rodneywt1180b

    A Collaboration on a Cane

    I haven't been on in a while. YinTx contacted me by mail to check in with me. All I can say about the leather is Holy C**p! I really hope I don't screw this up....
  5. rodneywt1180b

    Heavy horse sized driving bridles

    Thanks for the additional pictures! You do some truly beautiful work!
  6. rodneywt1180b

    moved into the free state of NH

    Congrats on your move and new workshop!
  7. rodneywt1180b

    Heavy horse sized driving bridles

    Beautiful work and I'm another one who would love to see them on the horses.
  8. What I was going to recommend. One of Springfield's bags of scrap. In my admittedly limited experience the best way to practice working with leather is with leather. I can't think of any other material that will behave the same.
  9. rodneywt1180b

    Stitch spacing

    I start punching/marking my holes from either end and hide the odd lengths in the middle.
  10. rodneywt1180b

    Kenney Crutches

    I do too. I just sent them back yesterday afternoon. I'll find out in a couple days.
  11. rodneywt1180b

    Kenney Crutches

    Thanks. The Chicago screw is inset enough that I don't think it'll be a problem. There's also brass bushings in the wood so the screws won't wear on the wood. I went that route because they need to pivot some. The customer's originals used copper rivets to attach the cuffs and she told me the wood was worn out there at the pivot points. I'm hoping this setup will be better. They should be able to be serviced if needed in the future.
  12. rodneywt1180b

    Kenney Crutches

    This is my third attempt at getting these crutches right. The style was invented in the 1920s by a Sister Kenney IIRC. I don't think I've seen a pair in use or maybe just never noticed before. Not often seen a any rate and almost no one builds them any more. These were a custom request from a lady on the east coast. Her old set was worn out and the builder of her last set isn't around anymore. My first attempt was bent lamination on the wood. I had so many problems with the glue-up I ended up scrapping them. These are my second attempt at the wood portion. They're one-piece steam bent walnut. My first set of cuffs were too big. Built to the customer's supplied measurements but they didn't fit. The bottom line is the lady needs her crutches so I re-did the cuffs and re-bent the wood to fit them. I really don't mind. It gave me a chance to change a couple things I wasn't happy with the first time. If I do it again I'll pay the extra for thicker leather on the outers. This was just a little thin. I'm hoping they're right this time. They leave to their owner tomorrow. The cuffs are from a 7-8 oz shoulder from Springfield dyed with Angelus dye on the outside. The inner leather is black nubuck from Springfield and the insides are 16 gauge steel and 1/4" closed cell foam. They're stitched with 1mm Tiger thread. The lady requested smaller handles. They're more of the same shoulder leather stitched over wood cores. This was a fun and challenging project and a nice change of pace from my usual work. The first picture is one of the original cuffs from before I was done finishing the wood.
  13. rodneywt1180b

    Adding groove to hand wheel

    Karina: why the grooved handwheel on the 66? Is it for better power at low speeds? Just wondering. I haven't seen a domestic machine rigged like that before.
  14. rodneywt1180b

    Clutch Wallet

    Really clean work! I love the plaid liner too.
  15. rodneywt1180b

    Books Bound by Milt

    Beautiful classic looking book.