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  1. rodneywt1180b

    Etsy Alternatives Help

    The far east is capable of producing quality products. The problem is the people who import those products don't ask "How well can you make this?" They ask "How cheap can you make this?" instead. Quality costs more no matter where it's from.
  2. rodneywt1180b

    Etsy Alternatives Help

    I think JLSLeather said it pretty well. Not going to quote-too long, why clutter up the space? I've been selling on Etsy a couple years now. I still like it. I've looked at other hand made sales sites and so far I haven't found anything even close to them. There are a couple with good ideas but they don't have the presence that Etsy has. I'll admit it's been a while since I last checked but I don't think anything has changed. If I'm going to sell on an obscure site it might as well be my own. Yes, there's junk on Etsy but don't compete at that level. You can't unless you live somewhere where a dollar a day is a living wage. I get around the "I bought it on Etsy" thing by putting a big label with my shop's name on the boxes I send out. That way my shop's name is the first thing the customer sees when they get their package. I don't know if it helps but it doesn't hurt. The alternatives are basically your own site or Facebook and Instagram.
  3. rodneywt1180b

    Paid orders, buyer disappears - Etsy

    Nice to see I'm not alone. I've had it happen once. I tried contacting them every way I could (through Etsy and their provided email) multiple times. I never refunded the money. I figured that would at least get them to reply back. Nothing. It's like they fell off the face of the earth right after they ordered. Now I put a warning at the top of my listing stating that not telling me the size they need will result in delays in shipping their order.
  4. Those will be some well dressed dogs.
  5. That doesn't look like beginner work to me. I think it's great.
  6. rodneywt1180b

    Sheridan tote bag

    You do consistently great work. You can go as far as you want in leather work.
  7. What the others already said!
  8. rodneywt1180b

    Work bench

    I don't know what your budget or zoning laws are but I would recommend insulating and covering the insides of the walls with something like plywood or OSB when you build the shed. The little bit of space lost is nothing compared to the ease of hanging tool racks, shelves, etc on smooth walls. It will also be easier to keep clean and light colored walls also reflect light better than bare wood. I left my shop with bare studs on the inside and regret it. Run a larger electrical service to the shop than you think you'll need. Have a decent folding table handy. You can move outside to cut down large hides, etc when the weather permits.
  9. rodneywt1180b

    The new trend in leather that they want to create

    It's an inevitable part of life that there is no free lunch. Even Tesla's batteries come from somewhere as does the electricity used to charge them. It sounds like Tesla moved their seats in house according to the article. Maybe their contract with Deahan is over? I'm not sure that artificial "leather" is any better for the environment than the real thing. My thought is if you want something that looks and behaves like leather, use leather. If you're against using animal products use something else like fabric instead of trying to copy the animal product. I think vinyl products came about because they're cheaper to produce and come in standard sizes, not because they're better or more environmentally friendly.
  10. rodneywt1180b

    Small wallet

    Your work is improving. Keep at it.
  11. rodneywt1180b

    Sleigh bell door hangers

  12. rodneywt1180b

    Merry Leathercrafting Christmas

    Well, at least I'm in time for New Year's. Happy Holidays! Rodney
  13. rodneywt1180b

    Making a belt out of upholstery leather?

    If he wants to go to the trouble I'm willing to bet the bike is stored indoors when not in use. I can see wanting the belt to match the seat upholstery. Just one more detail to set his bike apart from the crowd. Given the application I'm thinking veg tan or bridle backer glued flesh side in and a stitch around the outside to hold it all together. Edge paint should be ok. I think it will last a reasonably long time though certainly not forever. The belt won't be flexing a lot once it's in place unless the battery needs to come out. That should be pretty infrequently. Just let him know the drawbacks first.