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  1. I think you guys are doing a great job. I like those cheap oil tan sides too. I ordered two matching and got what I requested in the order notes-great customer service on your staff's part. I don't see any name brand thread on your site. Maybe some Maine thread (I've been using this brand recently and like it) or Fil-a-Chinois (sp?) possibly?
  2. Welcome from the centralia area. I like the non skid.
  3. Cool! I love the pink and black. How big is it? It looks like it's actually pretty small.
  4. Yes, very addictive. I'm sitting on close to 30 of them now. I don't keep an exact count and don't keep them all in one place, I don't want my wife to know for sure... I just picked up a Singer 15-91 like yours in rough shape for $5. I've gotten more selective now but for $5 I couldn't resist. Mine has some damage to the shellac and needs new wiring too. Do I see a blue centennial badge on yours? It should handle light leather and canvas to some extent but they're not leather machines. You'll find yourself limited by needle and thread sizes and stitch lengths.
  5. You have nothing to be ashamed of. That briefcase is beautiful! Nice chair too. Being American, I thought coffee at first. Either way, a great and fun design.
  6. I sell canes on Etsy. I didn't bother with a business license or any of that for them. I don't sell enough to justify it. My wife and I sold antiques in the past. We had a business license then and there's a lot of paperwork for taxes involved though you do get breaks on sales tax and sometimes pricing if you have a license. If you do a lot of volume or plan to, it might be worth doing. Also, different states, different rules for each. As far as business names go, pick one and use it. Careful with the initials though. My shop name is "A Sturdy Stick". I can't use the initials for a logo.
  7. Wow! Beautiful work!
  8. That chart is for screw threads.
  9. Frodo it looks like an interesting project. What are you working on? Decent edges on leather seems to be impossible for me. Definitely me, not the leather that is the problem. I just ordered a couple cheap sides of 5 oz oil tan from Springfield. $20 for the 9-13 ft sides, they have larger for $30. Well worth taking a chance on them at that price IMO. I'm hoping to use them for a messenger bag for myself. There'll be a lot of edges to practice on. I'll try the wood burning tip on the edges when it gets here.
  10. i thought I was slow. I delayed a long time getting the nerve up to cut into your work. My stuff I can tear off and start over if I need to. I only had one shot with that. I'm very happy your dad likes it. Rodney
  11. I say go for it. It's not that difficult, it just takes some time. Post some pictures here when you're done. Cechaflo's (sp?) videos on youtube are a great help for wrapping things.
  12. The cane is finally done and on it's way to YinTx's dad. My stitching isn't perfect, not even close,and I really struggled with getting the areas where the seams meet to look ok. They're not perfect either but they'll work I think. The toughest part was forming the leather on the handle. The compound curves were tricky to mold and I didn't want to deform YinTx's work. I settled on painting water on the back side of the leather with a small paint brush just in the areas that needed a little help to form and slowly worked the leather down by hand. When I got the leather where I wanted it I clamped it in position to dry. Anyway, pictures.
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