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Outdoor Leather covered door handles.

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I have a commission to cover two 3 foot vertical handles on the front door of a building located in Arizona. The door is north facing and exposed to the elements. Not sure if it receives any direct sun but could occasionally get wet and be exposed to 115 degree summer temperatures. I have considered oiled leather or latigo but the architects are looking for a better finish. I have a deadline to meet and don't have time to order a hide and have it skived and not sure if my shop table skiver would be viable to accurately cut 1 1/2" strips of latigo.

The attached picture is the look and feel they are looking for. I decided to try using tung oil as a protectant on drum dyed veg tan leather as an option with a better finish. This was taken after the first application of Tung and a short drying period. The finish is dark and even after the second. It will be possible to have regular maintenance where a protectant can be applied or reapplied.

Tung oil seems to fit the bill as it works well on wood and should dry hard, leaving the leather stiff and less likely to shift or unwind. The strips will be glued to the 1 1/2" handle with Barge.

Any suggestions or commes welcome.




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I think tung oil is a good idea. Its one of the more waterproof finishes for wood and since it will penetrate the leather well, should prove to be good for your handles. Are you able to  disassemble the handles to sew the back side together in a straight seem?

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