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Max Thread size for Adler 69 (69--373)

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I posted a while ago about the difference between an Adler 69 and 269. Thank you for the help! The 269 machine did not work out. The only one I can find is just too expensive for me.

I read everything I could find about the Adler 69.  I think this would be a good machine for me to start on. I have read and heard conflicting opinions about what size thread this machine can use. 

What is the maximum thread size I can use in an Adler 69-373? What about in the bobbin?

These machines are easy to find where I am (Romania). Plus parts are easily obtained. The mechanic I talked to said he has it set up for size M20 (#138 thread). I thought it was only able to handle M30 (#96)?

I need a machine for bags, wallets etc. Total thickness of 4-5mm (10-12oz).

Thank you for your help with such a simple question!


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Hello Arz,

did you see this discussion last days:

i have the same machine myself and normaly run v92 because of the small bobbins

Think 138 will do

did you see the specifications on the leaflett ?





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Hello Michiel! I did not see that post. Thank you! Just what I was looking for :) I think 92 (M30 thread) would look good for my items.

Thanks! Adam

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