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Also echoed in a very helpful suggestion from Gregg at Keystone Sewing, Posted February 14, 2017 in https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/74275-the-clutch-motor/

"[...] Also...if the clutch lining (cork) is worn, or glazed over, this could be an issue, as well.  Taking off the end bell of the motor to expose the cork, you can hit it with some light sandpaper to break off the glaze, and then put a thin layer of axle grease (we use Castrol multipurpose wheel bearing grease here). These two things may help go a very long way to getting the motor under control.  Again, we like to sell servo motors as replacements, but people have been successfully doing may things on machines like these with standard clutch motors for many many decades without too much issue."


My take on the whole issue is that this judicious application of grease is a more expedient path to entry-level success than several years of self-flagellation and dogged determination will bring. Discarding a clutch motor in favor of a "servo" type motor is a faster path yet.


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