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Pfaff 345 service manual download

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Hi, I have had several requests for service manuals for old Pfaff 345 and 335 machines. So here is what I have avaiable for these machines.

For the Pfaff 345 here is a download link to the partlist, subclass list and service manual, link is valid for 30 days.


For the new 335 casting machine you are supported by Pfaff industrial https://www.pfaff-industrial.com/en/support/downloads/technical/documentsearch

For the old 335 you can use this general service manual for several similar contruction Pfaff classes. https://rushfiles.one/client/publiclink.aspx?id=VSZEdZXfUv

The old service manuals are without pictures and many terms can be difficult to understand. However, the new 335 service manual is good illustrated and can be used as a reference in addition to the old. Just change the parameters to the correct ones from the old manuals.

I hope this will help.



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Dear Trox,

with the help of hints from this forum and your service manual I have become sufficiently capable adjusting my 345. There are a few items still being slightly mysterious. One is about the check spring. The manual says '7mm' stroke. It would be good if I understood what exactly this spring influences. The other thing that slightly mystifies me is that occasionally the bobbin thread tension appears to be too loose even though tension screw is all the way in (trying to fix it). I keep adjusting various parameters and eventually it comes right but I don't understand what's going on. Note: currently my work is repairing motorcycle leather gear and making vinyl seat covers.

pic 2019-10-30 at 08.39.54 .jpg

pic 2019-10-30 at 08.45.53 .jpg

pic 2019-10-30 at 08.47.09 .jpg

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