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Hello guys,

I have a pair of my favorite double monk strap shoes in light brown.
Having visited an expert in the field,he told me that the shoes are made of "seal leather"(As I researched I understood that's just oiled leather? But I'm not sure about that).
He also told me that this type of leather is undyeable meaning there is no way you can dye it effectively.
Recently,I have been going out with my shoes and alcohol based drinks (Vodka,Whiskey,beer etc.) have been spilled on the shoes and for some reason I can not understand,this has left stains on the shoe.
The help I need is how can I repair the shoes.
One solution I have found is to dye the shoes darker brown(Which is cool by me) but first of all the expert said it is unattainable and second of all as I have understood different leather need different care methods,which is not my profession so I do not know what to do.
Do you have any ideas on how should I repair the shoes?

Thanks in advance for the help and have a great summer guys,

double monk strap shoes brown 1.jpg

double monk strap shoes brown 2.jpg

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Very possible to re-dye. Going darker is always easier.

First though you need to remove the polishes and lacquers that have been on them. I'd use cellulose thinners, aka lacquer thinners, and clean cloths to really wash down the surface to get those layers of polish off. This may also start to remove some of the original dye. If it does you'd need to keep going until the surface all looks a fairly even colour.

Then when thats done you can start to apply the new dye, But first dampen the leather surface all over, not soaking wet but damp, then apply the dye with a sponge or piece of sheeps wool cloth. Apply dye in a 'circular motion. Apply lots and spread it around quickly. Let the first coat soak in for a few hours, then apply a second an even a third coat if necessary. Allow to dry out for at least 24 hours. Then buff and buff and buff with clean cloths. After this a lacquer sealer like Resolene or Super Sheen can be applied, in diluted coats, to seal the surface. When this is dry a good quality beeswax polish can be applied and buffed up.

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