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Looking for a brass reducing loop, unsure of correct name to search for

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Hi y'all,

I would like to get some solid brass hardware similar to what is in the picture. The retailer that sells this item called it a "Reducing Loop - 1 inch to cordage (vertical twist)". When I search for any variation of those terms I come up with a blank. I can find 2 results, one in stainless and the other in black. Both are from the same retailer (strapworks). I ordered both and the black one would work OK, but I really would prefer solid brass for the key-holder I am making. If anybody knows of a place that sells these items, or has a proper name I can search for I would be much obliged. I need the larger oblong loop to be 1" wide. The circular loop doesn't really matter because a split ring will be going there.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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Yes, thank you. I need a 1" loop, so I messaged the buyer to see what size that is. I found one on Ohio bag's site but it was a 3.8" loop. They only called it a ring so not much help.

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