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Bench Burnishing

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So wanted a bench burnisher.

Saw all the threads about AC etc and the need for variable speed, loss of torque etc.

Junked the idea of adapting a 400watt AC grinder and was looking to get a decent DC motor with speed controller. 

Saw a cheap (£60)  wood lathe in Lidl today variable speed 800-3000  - 550 watt AC. Thought they must have a clever regulator as you need torque at all speeds on a lathe.

So just bought it but it looks like the problem with this is getting a reasonably priced drill chuck for the headstock M18 1.5 male thread.

It a has a face plate so that is one option to go (turn my own) but didnt want to go this route really.

Thought would be a good flexible option hone, burnish sharpen even turn.

Unless I can solve this for reasonable bucks it will have to go back.

I think a cost effective Keyless Chuck would solve everything.

Might look to try and get a reducer for the headstock as there are lots of chucks to fit smaller threads.

Still in its box. This is a Lidl middle aisle offer so when they are gone they are gone. Offer starts tomorrow 29/11 but they are there this evening 28/11

Any ideas anyone as I reckon its a good solution and all Lidl kit has 3 years warranty.

I can see elephants approaching and they are white :(







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If your lathe has a mores taper #2 (MT2) you can find an inexpensive chuck from Harbor Freight (U.S.) for $12.00. Then cut your burnisher material, drill a hole for all thread rod up to 1/2 inch, secure burnisher onto all-thread with a few washers and nuts and you are in business. The H.F. has a MT2 and a chuck key. This is what I'm using. Not sure what type of design or material I'm going to end up with...but the lathe and correct cutting chisel will allow you to design your own. JOE.

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Joe, most of these inexpensive/basic wood lathes have a threaded headstock, not morse taper. The simplest way will be to get a piece of suitable wood to make your burnisher from, drill a hole that is slightly undersize for the headstock thread  and force screw it on. Then you can spin it up and turn it down to suit your needs. I just made a burnisher on the lathe and force screwed it onto my grinder. Runs at 2800 rpm but works fine, I haven't had any need for a variable speed burnisher.

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