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Don Ayres

Help with possible Chandler 167 373 purchase

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Is anyone familiar with the Chandler 167 373 triple feed sewing machine, i believe its made by Adler.

Is this machine good for sewing leather and 12 ounce canvas, men's wallets and things like that, 

They are asking $600 for it with a table and clutch motor, they said the timing has been adjusted and they replaced the hook, 

Does this machine accept attachments such as the edge binding attachements ?

A picture of it is attached

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Someone who knows specifics will chime in, but it’s a solid walking foot machine with good reputation.

At that price you have little risk in buying it, since you’ll be able to get your money out of it fairly easily - what else in life can you use as much as you want and turn around and get all your money back?

Mr. Dyer did a nice video on one:   


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