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8078 edge cutter

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In a belt making book I have, it shows a craft tool 8078 edge cutter  used to march or cut  a boarder edge. I can't find it online so I am assuming this is an old tool not made  anymore. What are others using to replace it?

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Tandy has their Craftool Hand Border Tool: https://tandyleather.com/products/craftool-hand-border-tool?_pos=3&_sid=896dd2549&_ss=r It's not bad but you have to watch your depth.

Barry King has a few options that work in swivel knives: http://www.barrykingtools.com/swivelknives.htm These work well. For about $15 each, inexpensive Tandy swivel knives dedicated to each blade size aren't a bad investment and saves fiddling around changing blades out each time you want to change sizes. Going that route brings the cost up to about $45 per blade which I don't think is that bad for that kind of tool.

And, of course, there's always the swivel knife itself.



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