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  1. Used rawhide lace cutter /skiver.made by Wayne Jueschke.$650
  2. Looking for English saddle stirrup bars. Abby has them, but i would like to find some here in N America
  3. Please send sample pictures to steadybrook@eastlink.ca
  4. Yes it keeps rubbing off onto clothing in contact with the dyed leather.
  5. I’m interested in the Japan books , I have the others. Didn’t see a picture of the skiver.
  6. Can you send me a few pictures of the tools and hardware?
  7. Thanks for the tools they arrived today safe and sound. If you have any other tools for sale please let me know. Happy New Year!
  8. Yes , here is the postal code B0N1Z0 , can you get a quote from US postal service too?
  9. Does anybody know what the -6 stands for on this Juki DSC 246-6 machine?
  10. i have a Kwikprint floor model for sale & I could ship it to the USA
  11. steadybrook

    Cutting dies

    Thanks, what are the sizes of the dies? (Length x Width)
  12. steadybrook

    Cutting dies

    Thanks for the quick reply, can you post pictures of clicked Leather pieces with theses dies?
  13. steadybrook

    Cutting dies

    How thick are the dies and how thick will the cut ?
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