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  1. casemaker

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    Re: the Protos stitcher, I have one working and the one in the photo that needs parts. Since the working one is so good, I don't need the other one, so it is for sale.
  2. casemaker

    Juki lu 563 adjustments

    and here's what happens when you don't lubricate the machine. Spring loaded cam in center got seized on shaft and feed screw broke off. Now a major job or replacing screw.
  3. casemaker

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    Here's a link to the German distributor .
  4. casemaker

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    It was an outsole stitcher with a factory option of being a Corner Stitcher. Attached is a brochure showing what it was used to make. protos-0619.pdf
  5. casemaker

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    You could also try for Petersen needles.
  6. casemaker

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    If you get bored with the Petersen, I have a Protos you can fix.
  7. casemaker

    Anyone Make Metal Burnishers

    I made a metal burnisher but needed to cut vertical slots in the channels before it would work properly. It was made on a metal lathe with 1" rod. I was burnishing veg cases that had 3 layers and it worked well. One thing I noticed in the drawing offered was the slots appear too deep to just do the edge. If the leather goes in to far, the tool will mark the surface of the leather.
  8. casemaker

    Landis Model 15 Operation

    Also the blade needs to be SHARP as a razor.
  9. casemaker

    Belt Sander for Shoemaking

    This rubber covered sanding wheel is what I use. Just mount it on a 1/2 hp motor and sand.
  10. It's a custom blend from a local chemical company. They don't sell retail, or small quantities. I can sell a quart of it but shipping Fedex Ground will make it very expensive. The white resin is $20.00 and Shipping would be $40.00
  11. I had a customer that wanted that same finish for some pen cases. I used a clear urethane mist spray, let it dry, then another and another. The principle here is to seal the grain with a mist coat so the finish doesn't get absorbed into the leather, but just sits on the surface.
  12. I finish leather for commercial purposes and have discovered over the years that leather needs to be sealed if you don't want the finish rubbing off. We have a "SATRA Finish Rub Fastness Tester" and have produced leather that will take 10,000 rubs. The finish is a base coat of black resin and a top coat of black polyurethane resin, both with crosslinker. It's probably overkill for a knife sheath or belt, but in our business we need durability.
  13. That's definitely rust caused by moisture in the leather. You will need to seal the leather with liquid resin. Not sure what's available in your area but we use it in our business of finishing leather and have for years without issue.
  14. I have white leather resin and clear polyurethane top coat available since we finish leather in our business, it you want to make a 'professional job' Both the white base and clear top are sprayed onto veg.
  15. casemaker

    Landis Model 30 splitter

    I have a USM splitter for sale if anyone is interested?