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  1. That is...Expletive...Expletive...Expletive...Expletive...Expletive...COOL!
  2. This Plague Dr. mask has red glass lenses. I finished it today. I'll apply the straps later.
  3. It got a little thin up there. The support in the back will hold most of the weight, though. The back has a double loop set-up. I actually could have removed that entire side of the holster, and probably should have.
  4. Just finished a holster for my friend's Judge. His poly Judge broke so he went back to good old steel!! 9/10oz with USMC black finish.
  5. Thanks. It was my second attempt at tooling. The smaller gear was a pattern I had from Tandy. I just modified it a little.
  6. Here are some pics of a steampunk holster I was asked to do. I used 9/10oz and multiple dyes, stains and acrylics to complete the work.
  7. This is the first hat I posted now that it has a finish on it. My first attempt at tooling was glued and sewn to the side. This hat will become my "test hat". Now I have to get a liner into this one.
  8. Here is a finished and lined hat I just completed.
  9. The mask itself was inspired by a bunch of Caroline Guyer's works, also a PA artist. I do have to say that we both have good taste on painting our works. Thanks for the tip on using larger patterns. That has been something I've been working on.
  10. Well here is the top hat drying on the head. It was my first hat and I was very happy to finish hand sewing. I still want to glue a bottom piece to the rim and burnish the edges. I was thinking of going with black or maybe mahogany.
  11. I started making holsters a while back and recently got into making masks. That's when I stumbled onto this forum and saw all the great artist's works. Here are a few of my masks. My inspirations came from all over this and other forums and sites. Thanks.
  12. These are the newest holsters I have made. Each time I do one I learn something new. They are 9oz Veg. I made three for the 1911.
  13. I had a customer who wanted a Sigma holster. The pattern directions abouve were what I always use. The customer was very pleased. Good luck and don't let too much of the Sigma Cooties get on you.
  14. It's just a standard CZ with a "special" Omega trigger system. There is a dummy for it.
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