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  1. It's been a year, but did you find a pattern for them? I would like to make a badge holder wallet for my badge.
  2. Hi all I am interested in any patterns for gear you might want to share with me. It has been awhile since I have made anything so this might be the sprinboard back Iinto leatherworking I need. Thanks.
  3. HI, I know what you are talking about, as i am a welder, and got interested in leatherworking wanting to make some. What i started with is a packet from Tandy on cowboy cuffs. That pack will help you out a lot. My leathers are out in my rig and its 8 degrees out right now so no pictures for now. Hope that helps you get started in right direction jim
  4. Thanks for the information and history lesson, very interesting. jim
  5. Hi all, I bought an older f350 King Ranch model with seats that need some help. They are 7 years old and faded and a little dry. So far I have just applied a few treatments of Lexol conditioner, and that has seemed to restore some color and oils to the leaher. I am wondering if i might need to try to dye it again to get that darker tan look, I am also not sure what to do for a finish on them? Wax? I know very little about upholstery leathers. Thank you, jim
  6. Hi, Was wondering if the tension you are adjusting is the top thread tensioner? I am almost in business, I am able to join two pieces of leather together but the bottom is loopy on single layer of leather and not quite pulled tight enough on two layers. Thanks, jim
  7. Thank you all, I'd be lost without this forum. I will call Bob in the morning for the correct needles. Got some extra cash finally. jim
  8. Sorry to beat this dead horse, but I just have read so much on this the last few days I am confused. I went to joan fabric this evening they were of very little help, she said only a singer needle would work in my machine and that they are all the same system? Well I heard someone mention schmetz being used somewhere. Well anyways this is what i bought schmetz 130/705 H LL 15x2 NTW (110/18) and also some singer style 2032 90/14 and 100/16 both packages indicate for leather use. I just want to know what to put in so i can resolve my timing issue with the correct needles (i am hoping the schmetz work as they have a bigger thread hole) Right now i am gonna practice sewing some wallets and such until i can get back to work and gather some more tools for boot making. Sorry i ask a lot of questions that are probably very simple to an experienced person but i guess a lot of people may have been in my shoes when you all started. Thanks jim
  9. Hi all, Well I picked up a Singer 31-15 on Sunday got it all cleaned up and tried to sew with it. Well the problem is that it doesn't pick up bobbin thread did maybe twice in 5 inches. I apologize if this has already been addressed, but I couldn't find the answer. Also at one time I found a website that had part of a riggers manual or something that had info on 31-15 in it on timing and such. Just not that familiar with these machines and not sure about the timing and pressures, a lot more adjustment than my wife's home model
  10. Thank you all for the information. I just brought home a 31-15 last night from chicago, was a nice road trip and got to get some great pizza for dinner. I am sure to have lots of questions to the ones who use these machines. It came with table set up with motor and knee lift, it looks well used and well taken care of. Now i gotta find some help to get it off my truck lol, then i have to replace cord, think it is original. Well i am off to play with my new toy a little. thanks jim
  11. I am by nomeans an expert, but for anyone having difficulties, make sure you do not have stainless steel wool pads. I have been doing quite a bit of basket weave practice, then vinegaroonin' it and have been finishing with 2 coats neatsfoot, then i give it a light coating of shoe wax then buff and it makes it fairly shiny. just my 2 cents worth. jim
  12. Thanks Blake that site has a lot of information, and a little easier to move around in than the HCC. It seems to be more along the lines of a boot maker and the HCC a lot more towards shoe, and this site a lot more towards other leather projects (this site being the most user friendly) thanks again, jim
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